are looking for death!” Edmund wanted to get up angrily and jump on him.


Bain roared outside the door.

In an instant, the noisy 西安耍耍网 classroom fell silent. Everyone stopped their hands subconsciously, turned their heads and saw Baine, who looked gloomy, and suddenly became uneasy.

“Come on, take Edmund to the infirmary first.” Bain gave the boy on the ground a gloomy look, and ordered several people to send him away.

He looked down at the blood on the ground, and looked at Ye Qingxuan with cold eyes: “You are so cruel to your classmates at a young age, how did you pass the character test?”

Chapter 61 You 西安夜网论坛 are dead.

“You are so cruel to your classmates at a young age. How did you pass the character test?”

“I don’t know, it might have been there, but it was changed to a real test.”

Ye Qingxuan pushed back without being soft or hard.

Since he discovered the true face of this guy, he listened to his teacher explain the tricks in the exam , He just got angry. Now naturally there is no reason to show him a good face.

“Talk back?”

Bain’s expression hardly looked 西安桑拿网 like: “It seems that besides gathering people to fight, taking the lead in breaking school rules, and beating classmates and causing serious injuries, I should also remember that you have no respect!”

Bai Xi couldn’t stand it anymore: “Hey How did your eyes grow? Obviously those fat guys came first to provoke, are you 新西安夜网 blind?”

“Speaking vulgarly, three credits deducted.”

Bain gave her a glance: “Which college are you from? ”

My old lady is from the Enlightenment Academy, you have the ability to go to my teacher to file a complaint!”

Bai Xi did not hesitate to buckle the black pot on the head of Edmund’s academy: “I tell you, our Enlightenment Academy is never afraid What’s wrong! You have to dare

to prick at the gate of our branch, my teacher will teach you how to be a man every 西安夜生活网 minute!” Bain was about to be furious, when he heard Ye Qingxuan’s unpleasant calm voice: “Teacher, what’s the matter of gathering people


in almost every place in the world. They continuously provide intelligence and secrets to secret keepers. Promoting the secret keepers school bit by bit towards the legendary “omniscience” realm.

As Heisenberg’s disciple and future successor, Colt naturally has the authority to use this huge intelligence network to serve himself.

And now, after several days of silence, feedback from informants has finally arrived.

In response, Colt just nodded.


“Ye Qingxuan. Member of the Music History Department of the Royal Anglo Conservatory of Music.” The

man in the mirror said: “At the Anglo Conservatory of Music, which pays attention to foundation 西安夜生活第一论坛网 and knowledge, he entered the school with an unprecedented full score in the written examination, which is unprecedented. .

because of their own qualification issue, it is considered to be the shame of college, but those who challenge him, without exception, have disappeared in the college.

in college trials this year, a man in his entire college confrontation, and made a first name At the same time, another senior 西安夜生活论坛 who was recognized as a waste of firewood graduated with the highest grade of the year. In

just half a year, he has grown from nothing, from an introductory apprentice to the current official musician, and even in a short time is expected to impact

his teacher Abraham of the resonance level . He is the scholar who interprets the “Vonich Scroll” and laid the greatest discovery in ancient history 西安夜网论坛 in decades.

At the same time, you should have heard about plagiarism.

According to the investigation, he played a major role in it.

In order to avenge plagiarism, He madly inspired Ingmar, the coach of the branch, and Ingmar died in a mental hospital two months later. The cause of death is unknown, just like everyone who has offended him.

Among them, Gavin’s brother Banner is included. Because of 西安耍耍网 this, Gavin had a grudge with Ye Qingxuan and was framed by him, and the entire Adrian family fell into the political cleansing of Angelu



Then, fell into sluggishness.

Following the fluttering light of the wind lantern, he saw the terrifying scene between the dark sea and sky for the first time.

I don’t know when, a frantic wolf has already risen on the sea, and the dark clouds are pressed down, like an iron curtain. It’s like the world is 新西安夜网 closing, to completely crush all the dust and ants.

But in the darkness, a high-pitched scream suddenly burst out.

That is the sound of siren.

The tide is breaking, as if frozen ice has been crushed. In the iron-sand-like wave, ripples spread out, but wherever it passed, there was a sharp reverberation of countless steel collisions.

The harsh sound was torn apart as if it were actually dark.

As a result, the curtain of intertwined layers of heavy rain was torn apart, and the huge steel creation burst out with terrifying power, forcibly squeezed in from the outside world, and passed through this terrifying sea and sky.

Wherever it goes, the chaotic music theory and the distorted reality rub against each other, and the aftermath of interfering nature leaks, leaving a burning track.

西安桑拿网The bow of the ship opened up the waves, and it made the sound of iron and iron friction. It moved forward inch by inch, tearing the ocean tide inch by inch, leaving behind the illusion of fire, entrenched in the water vapor, forming a virtual image of flame.

The iron wheel that had just been launched is now being pushed by the overdrive engine and is advancing at an incredible speed.

Nevin sat blankly on the ground, staring at the iron wheel moving forward between the sea and the sky.

When the tide stops it, it breaks the tide.

Rain stop it, it will ignite rain.

When the reef stops it, it crushes the reef.

Wherever he went, even the phenomenon was torn and destroyed.

The bow was already broken, and the steel hull was full of scratches. I didn’t know what happened along the way. Even the left hull cracked a big hole, revealing a twisted rib.

Full of hideous.

In the deep turbulenc


ce, and gathered towards the palace.

“Wishful thinking!” It

was only an instant that Arthur penetrated Ye Qingxuan’s mind.

In the sky, the dark and scorching sun raged, and the terrifying dragon power descended from the 西安夜生活网 sky and penetrated the earth’s crust. In just an instant, all the equipment buried deep under the palace was destroyed.

The diverter valve, the concordance, and the ether furnace all used to control the homeland defense line were destroyed, and it was difficult to control the torrent of riots.

Just at the touch of a finger, the terrible heat leaked boiled the entire ocean, turning the sea and the sky into a huge steamer.

But Ye Qingxuan didn’t have any panic at all. He 西安耍耍网 just looked at Arthur with pity in his eyes, as if he was looking at an idiot.

“Don’t you think that such an important system does not even have a set of backups?” The

roaring bell rang.

In the very center of Avalon, above the broken Tower Bridge, the old big clock shook loudly, exuding majestic sounds.

Anglo Royal 西安夜生活论坛 College of Music.

Jianlan Underground Palace.

In the darkness behind the ancient bronze door, a pair of old eyes opened slowly.

“Is it finally time?”

Dominic whispered softly, got up slowly, walked to the deepest part of the hall, stretched out his hand, tore his chest cavity, and pulled out a patina-covered key from the shriveled heart, stained with sticky The key of thick blood was inserted into the keyhole, and as Dominic tried his best to twist, the whole 西安夜网论坛 hall burst into a roar.

In the sound of countless pivots, steel shattered.

Stein Room Zero, start!

The huge machinery that has been sleeping in it for hundreds of years starts suddenly!

In the midst of the loud noise, Dominic sat down wilfully on the ground and sighed softly, “I can only wish you good old bastard, Maxwell.西安夜生活第一论坛网

There is only so much I can do for you.” At

that moment, The start of the Homeland Defense Front is complete.

Under the sea, the fiery torrent swept across, gathered along the remaining matrix of the path to ascend


rd in Hogwarts school who can use a crystal ball to divination, after negotiating with Professor Trelawney, he was exempted from homework. Now What we have to do is to absorb knowledge about divination from Professor Trelawney and expand our knowledge. In the 西安夜网论坛

same example, there are ancient magic texts, and most of the Muggle research work has also been exempted. Although it sounds ridiculous, but This is the privilege of the genius to learn hegemony. For Albert, doing these things is really meaningless, it is purely a waste of his time.

“It’s not fair!” Fred couldn’t help complaining, but he also knew Albert’s ability, 西安桑拿网 so he just complained 西安耍耍网purely.

“Compared to this, don’t you find that Ginny’s situation is not so good? ”

Albert branch off the subject, see schematic Fred and George not far from doing homework Ginny Weasley girl’s face slightly pale, the people looked sickly.

” gold What’s wrong with Ni?” George asked anxiously.

“Maybe you have a flu, it’s better to take her to Madam Pomfrey.” Albert said without hesitation, “You two brothers are very incompetent!”

“How did you 西安夜生活论坛 find out?” Angelina asked curiously, “Don’t you…”

“I noticed when I met her just now.” Albert said irritably.

Of course, Albert naturally I would not admit that I was secretly observing Ginny Weasley.

Horcruxes do have a very bad effect on the holder. Unlike Quirrell’s situation, Ginny Weasley’s situation is not as bad. ,西安桑拿网 But she has indeed become weak.

Ginny, are you okay!”

Fred and George are a little guilty. They did ignore their sister.

Ginny didn’t seem to have much energy. Ginny thought she was not sick and didn’t want to To go to Madam Pomfrey’s school hospital, Fred and George have no better way.

“You can ask Harry for help!” Albert suggested casually, “I remember your sister admires Harry very much, maybe you should let Ron took Harry with him.”

“You’re really exciting!” Lee Jordan walked toward this side, shaking the oil paper bag in his hand and asked: “Right, do you want to eat? Wh


slander on the professor. Snape had been at Hogwarts for several years. If he is really untrustworthy, Dumbledore How could he be allowed to stay at Hogwarts to teach?

Hagrid did not believe in Snape, but he believed in Dumbledore.

“Of course I know.” Harry said dryly.

“Don’t worry, Harry, no People can steal the Sorcerer’s Stone, and no one can pass through Lu Wei.” Hagrid barely patted his chest to make sure.

Speaking of Lu Wei, Hagrid couldn’t help but glance at Albert. He actually talked to Dumbledore. I said this, but the principal said that Albert didn’t know how to use the Philosopher’s Stone, so Hagrid didn’t care too much about it.

Albert also noticed Hagrid’s eyes, but he didn’t care too much. , Because he saw his own Tom pick out a fat mouse from the corner.

“Tom, don’t eat those messy things.” Albert stepped forward to stop.

“Does your cat not eat mice?” Hermione was confused. Asked indifferently.

“It 西安夜生活第一论坛网 has never eaten a mouse.” Albert took out his wand and fainted the mouse, and picked up his Tom from the ground.

“It’s really fat.” Ron muttered softly, “Unexpectedly Such a size can actually catch mice.”

“Hagrid.” Harry wanted to bring the topic back, “Before, didn’t you say that Gringotts is safe, but in the end some dark wizards broke into Gringotts. Even the goblin did not catch the dark wizard. Perhaps Hogwarts is indeed safe, but Gringotts can be 新西安夜网 invaded. Why do you think Hogwarts won’t?”

Chapter 444 Powerful Laxatives

It seems that the dragon egg and unicorn hunting incidents have not happened yet, but I don’t know if I can get related tasks from these two things.

On the way back to the castle with his own Tom, Albert thought about this while walking. The possibility of something is undoubtedly the most convenient way to gain experience by obtaining related tasks from the known plot.

As for whether Potter will follow the route of the story plot in the end, Albert is not sure, but he is more I

am 西安夜生活网 willing to believe in the so-called historical laws.


seniors to give the oak barrels. After all, a small glass of butter beer is really not addictive.

Just after the chat with a few girls, I saw Hermione and Ron walking towards him in a hurry, and the two talked to Albert about ha About Lee’s disappearance, they were a little worried that someone at Slytherin College would deliberately find Harry in trouble.

Albert didn’t want to help them find Harry, but just casually comforted: “Don’t worry, this is Hogwarts. Slytherin students don’t blatantly do this kind of thing.”

Albert didn’t know where Harry was going, but as the savior, how could Harry have anything?

“ How does the butter beer taste?”

Albert casually changed the subject and asked Hermione 西安夜网论坛 how it feels to drink butterbeer.

“It feels a bit strange, but… it tastes good.” Hermione carefully considered the words and said to Albert: “This is still me. Drinking butter beer for the first time.”

Albert chatted with them again, and when he turned around to leave, he found Harry out of breath at the entrance of the common room.

Insert a sentence, the reading app I was using recently, [\米\米\读\app\\] There are many books, full books, fast update!

“Harry, where have you been” Hermione asked sharply.

” Leave those alone,” Harry panted Say, “Find a place where no one is. I’ll tell you what you just saw.”

Chapter 437 Two predictions

Malfoy is very upset. Since Gryffindor easily defeated Hufflepuffs, he has been in a constant mood. It’s terrible.

Malfoy couldn’t believe that with Professor Snape personally stepping down as a referee, the Hufflepuffs actually lost the game, and they still lost the game at an incredible speed. Losing the game is simply the best waste among the waste.

Malfoy, no, the students of the entire Slytherin College have been scolding the Hufflepuff team’s waste these days. They actually know that students from other colleges hope to be able to Seeing that Slytherin 新西安夜网 College lost this year’s Quidditch Trophy or even lost the Academy Cup. They were al


ll cause you trouble.” Albert reminded, “Don’t admit that it was a duel. .”

Truman was a little regretful: “…”

“You definitely don’t want to be confined!” Albert 西安夜生活网 said.

“No.” Truman nodded repeatedly.

“Will you disarm the curse?”

“No.” Truman said depressed.

“Come with me!” Albert special schematic Truman go out with him, the library is not a good place to talk, he has noticed Madam Pince toward the side over here, and you do not want to be a feather blankets to drive out, then they left. 西安桑拿网

both a former Afterwards, he walked out of the library and came to the outside corridor.

Albert looked at the Slytherin students passing by, narrowed his eyes and said to Truman: “The spell of the disarming curse is to remove your weapon, which is what he meant.

Get rid of the opponent’s weapon.” “You mean, get rid of Noch’s weapon.” Truman’s tone was a little excited. If the wizard loses his wand, it’s like a tiger loses his minions.

“Yes. 西安耍耍网 However, you must be the first to use the “Albert suddenly said:”.. you duel will certainly counting one two three, right, in a number to when you first hands to attack him, otherwise you estimate is not his opponent. ”

” but …” Truman seemed to want to say something, but was interrupted by Albert.

“This is not a duel, is it?” Albert said 西安夜生活第一论坛网 lightly, “Wait for you to disarm Noch’s weapon, and take advantage of him to be stunned. When, use a whole body restraint curse, you can use it!”

” Yes .” Truman nodded.

“Then, go up and beat him until he realizes that he is wrong.” Albert made a punch. . the action

“? fist” Truman could not understand a bit of thinking Albert.

“there is a saying the truth lies in the fist.” Albert looked stunned Truman said: “and he did was wrong, fooling I 西安夜生活论坛 don’t admit it, but I want to teach you through a duel. Don’t forget, he is two years older than you and knows magic better than you…”

Albert suddenly spoke , and his eyes fell on a certain Ravenclaw’s On the red-haired girl.

“Do you know Isabel?”

“After the same c


“Why?” the three asked inexplicably.

“Look at this…” Albert pointed to the handwriting on the spine of the sword.

“Godric Gryffindor.”

” Only the fairy silversmith has the craftsmanship of processing silver, that is to say, this name was 西安桑拿网 engraved by the fairy king at the time Gryffindor asked. Albert said softly, “this sword belongs to Gryffindor without a doubt. ”

Chapter 337 Three or two things before the holiday. In the

morning, Albert and his team quietly returned to Hogwarts Castle on flying broomsticks.

Although they did not get any treasures, this interesting adventure will never Become a precious memory of the four, maybe, this is the so-called Gryffindor’s treasure!

In fact, Albert did not get nothing. After using the food in the cauldron of the giant Dai Wenqi, he obtained a special skill that cannot be upgraded. : The heart of the brave.

It was because he saw the mission of Gryffindor’s secret treasure changed and he noticed that he had this special skill. Although he didn’t get the Gryffindor’s treasure, he could get 西安夜网论坛 such a special skill, said It’s not a disadvantage to get up.

By the way, the heart of the brave is indeed Gryffindor. The effect of the skill is: when encountering difficulties, keep calm and face

it bravely. Albert is very curious and also uses the giant Dawin Did Fred, George, and Lee Jordan of the food in the strange cauldron also acquire this skill?

Of course, the three of them have no skill to say.

Unlike Albert, they failed to bring the Gryffindor sword back to school. Fred, George, and Lee Jordan are a pity, and they obviously hope to give Gryffindor the glory of winning the Academy Cup.

Perhaps, this is a land rich in heroes.

Gryffindor College’s points are eventually surpassed by Slytherin College. Many Gryffindor students feel very sorry, but few people think about going by 西安夜生活网 themselves. Earn points to the Academy Cup for Gryffindor Academy.

Even if the sword is taken away, one day, the Gryffindor sword will disappear silently.


the end of the corridor came a strange rustling sound, what seems to walk dragging on the ground.

“What’s that noise”

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Chapter 576 Tom doesn’t know

“Albus, why are you here?”

Professor McGonagall asked subconsciously after seeing Dumbledore.

“I just went downstairs to serve a cup of hot chocolate, what happened here?” Dumbledore asked, and he glanced at it. I noticed the change in the expression on Professor McGonagall’s face.

“I heard a strange voice… By the way, I also found Mr. Crevey just now. He is most likely… petrified.” 西安耍耍网 Professor McGonagall said When Dumbledore was speaking, he looked up towards the end of the corridor, as if there was something there.

“What did you find?” Dumbledore followed Professor McGonagall’s gaze.

“I think the voice just now… It may have been caused by the guy who attacked Mr. Crevey and Argus’ cats.” Professor McGonagall hesitated for a moment and said his opinion on the matter, “That sound is not a walking sound, but it seems that something is in there. The sound of dragging on the ground.”

“Let’s take a look…”

Dumbledore drew out his wand and walked forward with great strides. Professor McGonagall immediately followed him, waiting for them to cross the corridor and stand on the corner. There was silence all around. What a strange sound.

“Hid it?”

Professor McGonagall 新西安夜网 listened, and said in a low voice, “But how did he do it? Is it secret?”

“Alright, calm down Minerva.” Deng Dumbledore looked at the deep end of the corridor of darkness, and said quietly, “Now that the attackers had run away, I think we had better Mr. Creevey sent to the university hospital, where he is?”

“over there On the stairs.”

Professor McGonagall sighed deeply and followed Dumbledore towards the top of the stairs. The two soon found 西安夜生活第一论坛网 the petrified boy.