leading the enemy. The troops went straight to their headquarters, and could only consider giving up the operation, and cooperating with Renette Tinicole, taking other participants out of the battlefield and fleeing the southern continent.

The probability of this happening is very low, but it has to be guarded. .

at this point, Klein spiritual atmosphere due to the influence of God, sin Sie a’s, solidified a lot, it seems bound to his body and soul, but still turbulent flow into a 西安夜生活网 box of old, maintains its open.

Except for the Bound With the projection of God, all the creatures on the battlefield were instantly transferred to a desert!

That is, the time of blinking, the scene in the second floor of the box of old days Changes have taken place, showing a miniature, vast sea of ??sand.

Klein, Renette Tinicole, the god Sia, the hooded Witch King, and a large number of Rose School followers and vassals, they saw the long yellow sand and felt the extreme cold of the night.

he did not dare to look into God Nessie, hurry up, put out his right hand, and poke into the void ahead.

And that projection, due to the departure of the god evil Si’a, the connection was interrupted, and the power could no longer penetrate into reality. Regardless of

where the place where he was currently 西安夜生活第一论坛网 belonged, Klein scattered away from the box of the old day and slapped it.

Snapping his fingers, summoning crimson flames out of thin air, and jumping in them continuously. This is to avoid the gaze of God Nie Si’a, and to seize the opportunity to complete the call of the historical pore image.

At this moment , his ears An extremely evil roar sounded by the bank, his mind suddenly went blank, and all

his thoughts were temporarily lost. The crimson flames he was in came back to life, like a cage, binding him to the spot. It was

just a roar, some Due to the influence of the aura, the goddess Siah initially restrained Klein.

If it weren’t for Renette Tinicole who was in good condition as a teammate, Klein’s proje


med down a lot, and focused on how to take it. More information.

—— The Deng Shen is suspected to be from the darkest, most chaotic, and most mysterious First Age, and I must know a lot! After


about it, Klein’s mouth twitched slightly: Do you think such conditions can move me?

He intends to see how high the bargaining chip Dengjin can 西安夜生活论坛 give, so as to spy on some of his secrets.

Hearing this sentence, the light of the golden figure swaying like a light suddenly brightened, brightening in the true sense. !

His eyes seemed to Klein directly on the body, a quality of voice and thunderous shaking old palaces:

you’re not him!

you’re not Him that moment, Klein a little stunned, and a little frightened, like 西安桑拿网 doing During a grand magic show, the audience was suddenly pointed out the specific technique.

He didn’t know what was wrong with the rhetorical question he just asked, and he didn’t know what went wrong, so that it was difficult to analyze the pros and cons in a short time. Show the reaction that best fits the current scene.

Just as he heightened his vigilance and prepared to take out the Star Staff to mobilize the power of 新西安夜网 the source castle to fight against the possible air attack by the Djinn, the golden and fuzzy figure suddenly laughed:

hahaha Hahaha, hahaha.

This laughter was like stirring the soul, causing Klein in the source castle to almost appear out of control, and finally stabilized the state

without showing a trace. There was no intention to attack, but it was natural What is the impact of Deng Shen? What is so funny? Klein 西安夜网论坛 frowned, thinking of one possibility after another, but felt that it was not in line with reality.

After a few seconds, Deng Shen’s laughter stopped, and his tone was pleasant. Said:

Even for our existence at this level, destiny is still wonderful.

No matter who you are, the transaction I just proposed is valid. As long as you can lift the seal and let me out, I will return to 西安耍耍网 the starry sky with my part. , The rest, including the


g to figure out whether it belongs to a witch Te Lisi, if belongs to, then consider whether they should stay a little down, and afterwards applied to “Grosser Travels” surface.

the results Disappointed him, but did not surprise him at all. He had long discovered that Triss was as cautious as himself. The

witch also has the order of the abettor, and also requires a high IQ. Well, the abettor and the conspirator should be potions. All 西安耍耍网have the effect of improving IQ. Otherwise, Danitz is 西安桑拿网 worried about Klein in the future, while throwing the ceramic jar in front of him into the pile of debris.

He immediately returned to the real world and browsed the detailed ceremony provided by the witch Triss. .

this is to help Mr. Klein ceremony dialogue with the door at the full moon.

a total of nine kinds of gems this will not asking too much? in reading, Klein casually whispered a few words. 新西安夜网

after a lot of money as a donation yet A rich man with nearly 30,000 pounds in cash (14,000 pounds banknotes, 15,000 pounds gold bars, thirty-five gold coins and some change), he is not unable to buy gems, but he just thinks it is too wasteful.

After thinking about it for ten seconds, Klein decided to try if he could replace it with the image 西安夜生活论坛 in the historical pore.Anyway, he didn’t want to please Mr.Men.When the ceremony was over, the gem disappeared, Mr.Men couldn’t do anything to him.

If unsuccessful then consider going to the jewelry store to buy Klein stood up, just rented out the room layout from the ceremony.

finish the other preparations, he stretched out his right hand, slow and heavy in front of the imaginary catch a bit.

he A simple brass key was caught in the air.

This is the key prop 西安夜生活网 of Mr. Summoning Door, the master key.

Then, Klein solemnly grabbed it in front of him, and dragged out an item from the void.

This item exudes a tranquil radiance, in the shape of a full moon. Surrounded by crimson gemstones, there are symbols of the moon and many mysterious patterns in the middle.



receiving prayers and responding is a region. This is because of the different authority of each, and there are differences in size. Obviously,’Sea King’ is a type with a larger territory. My honorable name must also have a limited 西安夜生活第一论坛网 scope. The protector of all the poor children in Backlund? It feels weird.

Well, others must have such a limit, but I don’t have to. You can use the ‘ Blessed One of the Spirit World and Source Fort’ ‘Instead, the beloved who belonged to these two places should be only me at present, and they are unique enough so that as long as they are in the same city or region as me, they can pray to me through this honorable name.

Not in the same area There is no way. I can’t separate a few’spirit worms’ onto the gray fog like throwing the’Poseidon’s Scepter’ onto the gray fog. With the help of the personality of the’Source Fort’, I can spread the world. Response Although I still can’t confirm the relationship between the’dark angel’ and the ancient sun god, it is enough to alert me and make me be careful of my clones and secret puppets, 西安夜生活论坛 and it is not enough to divide a few, and most of the’spirit worms’ Only stay in the’source castle’ to achieve the effect, I have no such ability at all

By the way, my mental state is not bad, there is no split personality, no uncontrollable cold and terrifying, which shows that the imprint of the’ancient scholar’ in history is his anchor and the emperor has also become 西安夜生活网 an angel. This situation has become serious. I have to rely on believers to be anchors and provide positioning.I am still a big level behind and I have to collect what else can be anchors besides believers, just in case Klein has a lot of thoughts.

He took out the pen and paper. He immediately wrote down the first paragraph of the honorable name: the

benefactor of the spirit world and the source castle. After

thinking about it, he began to write 西安夜网论坛 the first paragraph with his rich experience and knowledge of divine pattern feedback. The second and third paragraphs:

the my


t draw a conclusion. If I can get a ‘0’-level sealed artifact, borrow it It should be possible to see clearly at most once, and it is not a bad thing to count less. This reminds me to be cautious and 西安夜网论坛 careful. This is the way for the survival of the Extraordinary to be a

pity. This kind of’miracle’ can only work on oneself for the time being

. To the greatest extent, it refers to the current situation. If you want to truly own and control this mysterious space, you must at least become an angel, even the angel of Sequence 1, which is worthy of being a’source castle’. The weird light gate may be even more demanding. Is there any hidden danger. I can’t see the

meaning of the existence of the’Source Fort’ at the moment? The person who’fished’ to pass through, resurrected the original creator? Klein shook his right hand slightly , Let the holy and powerful angel dissipate in the air.

The entire source castle calmed down.

Then, Klein stood up and stepped onto the gray cloud air that was frozen in the air, 新西安夜网 standing in front of the strange light gate made up of countless balls of light.

The light gate was slightly stained. Blue and black, the essence of each ball of light is a group of transparent and translucent worms.

Staring at the transparent cocoons suspended by black threads, Klein put out his right hand and slowly stretched out towards the light door , Trying to touch. One

inch, two inches, three inches, his hand finally touched the edge of the light gate, but it penetrated the past, as if it was just a phantom.

However, compared with the previous attempts, the illusory light gate is obvious It became thicker, and it seemed that he was about to possess an entity.

This is an item that represents the essence of the source castle? Klein pondered for a few seconds, then turned and returned to the 西安桑拿网 ancient palace.

Without delay, he left the gray fog and began to experiment with his newly acquired A variety of abilities.

First, you have to get a honorable name sequence. 3 The range of


er chain, and re-wrapped it around

his left wrist. He immediately cast his gaze on the piece floating in the cauldron. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 The magical potion, thoughts flashed through my mind:

In addition to the keywords of’thriller’,’horror’,’director’,’incomprehensible ability’ and other keywords in the role of’Wizard Mage’, it should also be mysterious and unknown. , Complexity, elusive fate and other elements, the two aspects combined together are the complete “cunning mage”. This one is the behavior style, the other is its own attributes

. For me, the origin is so mysterious that I have not yet figured out the truth. The experience is so complicated that it has prevented the true god from coming, and has frightened the king of angels. The fate is so elusive that even the’Snake of Mercury’ can’t be understood. Therefore, if it has been played in advance, it will naturally digest that part of the potion, no need to summarize. The code

This 西安夜生活论坛 really embodies the word’cunning’, ah

, the ritual requirements of the’ancient scholar’ are completely divorced from reality for at least 300 years. After I have become history and do not belong to the current era, I have taken potions and I was sealed in a cocoon. Inside, the life hanging on the gray fog is satisfying and more than enough, but after becoming Klein, I have experienced too many things in this year, and I have left a mark in the contemporary era. Will it affect the ceremony? The effect?

Fortunately, in less than two years, the brand will not be too deep, and it is barely acceptable. After all, I can’t hang myself for 300 years, and then take the potion for more than ten years. It’s the end!

Moreover, the ancient history I master is definitely far better than any’tricky mage’. It can be regarded as a very effective role in advance, and it will definitely avoid many dangerous

thoughts. Klein took a deep breath. No longer think about it.

Wearing a silk top hat and a double-breasted coat, his skin suddenly became transparent, and one after another wor


e was dressed in a black priest’s robe He wore a black glove on his left palm, his face was thin, his skin was brownish, his 西安夜生活第一论坛网 eyes were sunken as if he were a corpse, the beard roots were black and white, spreading from the sides of the mouth to the ears, but they were not dense. It’s also quite short, seemingly dotted.

Zatwin’s eyes are close to the skin color, they are light brown, they clearly have the temperament of a priest, but they are cold and terrible, and they seem to feel abnormal in silence. He thought for a while. :

Those who yearn for the mummy of Cardiff and are willing to take risks in the battle of 西安桑拿网 the demigods can count them clearly with one hand. Among them, only Sharon is hidden in Backlund.

She should have got Renette Tinico . Your help, otherwise it will not succeed.

Mehams picked up a golden nail covered with fine patterns and was silent for a few seconds:

Who is that good at teleporting?

Not like 西安耍耍网 Gehrman Sparosalun’s other helper?

Maybe Zha. Twin coughed twice, and his face was pale and blue and said, I think I still have to find a way to pray to the mother tree, this should be a certain enlightenment.

Mehamus gently nodded and pierced the golden nail in his palm. On the mouth, the upper and lower lips penetrated.

Zatwin saw this, covered his mouth, got up slowly, and 新西安夜网 got down to the first floor with some difficulty, ready to leave here and return to his hiding 西安夜生活论坛 spot.

On the first floor, he saw the dark environment and sparkles. The light of the candles and the scent of food floated from various places.The houses in the nearby streets were all row houses.The ground floor facing the street belonged to the shops.The contact point of the rose school was a restaurant on the surface, and the main features of the southern continent.

Because the injury was not light during the previous action, Zatwin didn’t want to maintain the evil spirit state all the time, which is a big burden for him at present, so he had to walk to the door step by step in the black clergy r


e, how about giving you an answer next week?

No problem. World Gehrman Sparrow responded without surprise.

As for the rest of the members, even if they were a little interested at first, after hearing the negative effects of Haizhiyan, They all gave up the inquiry. At

this time, Klein the Fool’s thoughts turned to another direction, that is, whether to take the opportunity to make a clearance sale.

He was promoted to Sequence 4 and became a half-god and half-human existence. Many items and features are no longer useful.

Creeping hunger can be kept, even for travel, it must be kept, in addition, it can also graze a Sequence 4 saint, which has the potential 西安夜网论坛 for growth, and the combination of its own extraordinary abilities is also quite good. The value of death knell revolver In fact, it is not too high, but after the deadly attack mode is turned on, the blow to the fixed position of the target is still stronger than the air cannon. At least the sequence 4 stage can still be used. Well, it also has room for improvement. Klein’s mind The first thing that emerged was the two most commonly used items.

In his opinion, as long as he can obtain more powerful bullets, the death knell revolver can achieve terrible effects. The only problem is that such bullets are equivalent to high-level spells, where It is so easy to collect. Even if you are looking for materials to make yourself, you have to consider whether praying to higher beings can succeed and whether there will be backlash. In 西安夜生活网

this regard, Klein has several preliminary plans, namely: pray to the goddess; please mercury The Serpent Will Uncertain provides help; find Pales Zoroast through Leonard; borrow the power of the mysterious space above the gray fog, and let Leonard find a mission to return to Tingen, From the mutated sun sacred emblem, that is, 3-0782, steal the power of the eternal blazing sun divine blood. The

sun bullet is definitely the nemesis of evil spirit creatures. How can I borrow the material of the mysterious space pow


ss supernatural powers, she would not be any worse than herself.

Harouer pursed her lower lip 西安夜网论坛and looked left and right, and found that everyone’s eyes were involuntarily affected. Attract, just feel different.

Hu Hairouer sighed inexplicably. At

the dance party that night, she didn’t show such arrogance anymore, but every minute she wanted to leave here, return home, busy her own affairs, in order to gain more magical and powerful strength.

Finally, when the prom came to an end, the Harold family bid farewell to several owners and walked to the door.

When he went out, Harold couldn’t help but glance back, only to see that Miss Audrey was standing on the edge of the dance floor , pale with a beautiful smile, ready to leave the guests to pay tribute to one.

she still seems light at just below.

ending birthday party, Audrey Remove jewelry, put on nightgowns, into the bathroom. 新西安夜网

I looked at With the white misty water surface and the bathrobe next to it, Audrey didn’t rush to take a bath.

She sat next to him and prayed to Mr. Fool to indicate that she was ready. After ten seconds or so, she saw a deep red light. The tide poured out and flooded herself.

Above the gray mist, Audrey appeared on the side of the long bronze table.

This time, she did not see Mr. Fool shrouded in the gray mist,西安夜生活网 but only found an ancient confessional on the side. It’s a big brown box half a person high, with a door on the front and the back, and a wooden board in the middle.

I thought that Mr. World would ask Mr. Fool to show a wall, and he and I are on both sides, and we communicate with each other by the wall. The above is the same, but the confessional is small and dark, and he really 西安夜生活第一论坛网 doesn’t consider the feelings of the lady at all! Well, if Mr. World considers it, I will be surprised that Audrey shows a little smile while walking up. In front of the door of the confessional not yet closed

, she bent down and got in, kneeling with her legs obliquely. After

closing the wooden door, Audrey, who was tr


The thoughts got rid of the solidification a little bit, and Klein opened slowly. I closed my eyes and saw a mist above, with the crimson moon hidden in it, fainting from time to time.

Is this resurrected again? Or has it entered the underworld? Even if it is the latter, the problem is not too serious. Maybe you can ask the bone messenger to help contact Mr. Azik, but you will become an undead creature or a spirit creature in the future. Klein’s thoughts were still a bit heavy, as if he was pouring mud into his head, and his thoughts diverged involuntarily.

Gradually, he sensed his body and heard the sound of

his heart pounding. His head 西安耍耍网 quickly became sober. , I think it’s more likely that I’m resurrected again, maybe I’ve been thrown into the wilderness.


Klein’s joints rang and he suddenly stood up, ignoring his own state, and looked around first to confirm his environment. .

catches his eye is filled in the first four weeks deep fog and cold of the night, but not far away, there is a small town.

the town’s 西安夜生活论坛 most prominent building is a very old style church steeple, whole body into it It is black, without a bell tower, and there are dark crows hovering at the top.

There are many buildings scattered around the church, including ordinary two-story houses, simple wooden houses, bakery with hanging signs, and waterwheels. It is a power-driven gray mill, but there are no pedestrians. They seem to have fallen asleep in a quiet and peaceful night.

As a fortune- teller , Klein instantly felt that this town was very familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere!

After a short while Recalling, he remembered what it means.

This is the source of danger for the night of the relics of the gods! After

entering the easternmost area of ??the Sunia Sea, when the night falls, if anyone does not sleep and does not enter the 西安桑拿网 dream world, wait until The sky lights up, and when noon comes, you will be found to have disappeared silently. Once Klein was awakened by the black saint in a dream, and he