onsciously recorded 西安桑拿网 the number of meetings with my father, only eight.”

“Every time, for the little girl and her brother, it can be said to be the happiest thing because every time you sleep in the ice coffin, it may It’s a few months, maybe a few years, and the time they spend with their father is only a few days.”

“In this way, time passed by little by little and finally one day, the two brothers and sisters woke up from the ice coffin 新西安夜网 again. At this time, they hardly felt the pain caused by birth defects. Suddenly they had It feels like that they might be cured.”

“They hugged and wept, they desperately want to see their father who healed them. What frightened them was that after they woke up this time, they never saw their father again.”

“They searched every place where they lived, but they still couldn’t find the 西安夜网论坛 slightest clue about their father.”

“Just like that, they waited for a year in their original place. Finally, the supplies there were used up, they discussed it, and had to decide to leave temporarily.”

“They began to walk hard, stop and go, and constantly inquiring about their father’s news along the way. They also gradually met some of the same kind. They taught the siblings how to survive, how to hide and protect themselves. 西安桑拿网 But the elder sister is actually a very rude and stupid guy.” The

little girl subconsciously glanced at Boss Luo.

Luo Qiu just blinked and asked her to continue.

The little orc girl wrapped the blanket tightly again, “Once, my sister accidentally injured a few people because of impulse. Those few people are descendants of the rich family. The same kind that my sister and 西安夜生活第一论坛网 brother met persuaded them the most. It’s good to leave. The brothers and sisters didn’t want to involve these people, so they chose to leave the place where they had stayed temporarily for a few months.”

“They continued to walk, my brother suddenly remembered a place, every time my father came back. They searched for the place where they would take them according to vague m


ly-born huge heart beats quickly.

The broken head increased in value, and the remaining pupils opened again.

This time, in addition to anger and madness, there was also a trace 西安夜生活网 of panic that could not be concealed and disguised.


What’s wrong?

Become a natural disaster, gain strength, never die again, hold eternity in hand, and see right. Everything in the world is waiting for its own conquest. Longwei will cover the seven seas, and will rule the entire material world, becoming the only emperor and eternal ruler.


But what is happening now is completely different from what was supposed to be.

Not only did he lose all the body he had prepared, and could only be parasitic in a clumsy body with no qualifications, but he was also forced to reincarnate before the road to the ascension of the gods was completed, constantly enduring unprecedented insults, shackled fights and severe injuries. His pain and anger, until now, he has even begun to despair of such a strange 西安夜生活第一论坛网 world.

“The old god is about to die. Your Majesty is like this, and so are you.

Merlin’s mocking laughter sounded from his ears again, making him mad, looking around angrily, the bare bones of the claws slapped the condensed clods, roared, fought with the golden dragon, and madly broke through the lines of defense. No longer entangled, want to break through.

But when he broke through the towering shield wall, what he saw was not freedom.

But the silent emperor.

In the hands of the emperor, the magnificent and holy sword was lifted high. It was obviously a memory of nothingness. The fake reshaped by Longwei had a beauty of decisiveness and coldness.

“It’s over, Arthur.” The

emperor whispered goodbye, and the illusory sword in the stone slashed down, piercing through its remaining 西安耍耍网eye pupils, causing the dragon of natural disasters to mourn in pain.

Immediately afterwards, Wan Jun roared. Amidst the roar of the undead, the legion transformed by Long Wei rushed forward, brandishing a sword, and rushing towards Arthur.

Cut with


upied by humans, and there are few left.”

She has seen a powerful clan of vampires resisting madness. When she was the golden dragon, she could see clearly from the side.

So in the eyes of the third lady, humans… at least the humans in captivity among them, it is impossible to resist the rule of vampires unless they have the weapons that destroy the world of the human kingdom.

But obviously there is no such possibility in China.

Therefore, after hearing Elizabeth’s retelling, Zhong Luoyue instinctively didn’t believe that he and Elizabeth just ran away for one night. How did it become like this?

西安桑拿网 But she remembered all the things she had seen before, and she really had to believe that the most important thing was that this was intelligence from Luo Qiu.

There are so many incredible things about this mysterious man she met when she was in the Manor of Gamblers in South America that she still can’t understand.

“What else did he say?” Zhong Luoyue asked after pondering for a moment.

Elizabeth looked up and said, “Brother Luo 西安夜生活网Qiu said, as long as you don’t enter now, he didn’t say where to go, just said I like it.”

“What do you think?” Zhong Luoyue looked at Elizabeth. .

The little girl looked down and thought for a while, then raised her head and said with firm eyes, “Yue! Let’s go to the headquarters of the Magicians Association. I want to be a student of the first tower master and 西安夜生活第一论坛网become a good enough woman!”

Zhong Luoyue was startled. Startled, she subconsciously said, “I thought you would want to see that guy again.”

Elizabeth shook her head and whispered, “I always feel that even if I’m next to Luo Qiu’s brother, I can’t help much. Maybe it’s just a Trouble. So, I’m going to study myself.”

“You will definitely become an excellent woman.” Zhong Luoyue touched the little vampire girl’s head lovingly.


Elizabeth smiled.

Well, someone who will definitely become an outstanding woman may not be as good as Miss Yuya, but there will definitely be times when Luo Qiu’s brother wi


“The Secret Steel is gone.”

When Hui Yao appeared in front of Balegang, there was nothing to hide. It stands to reason that the Secret Steel should appear in the first place.

He didn’t directly call Secret 西安夜网论坛 Steel, nor did he intend to let Secret Steel know that his whereabouts had been exposed. He just planned to let him show up many things automatically. As long as the way he handles it is different, the results will be different.

“Are these guys discussing something?”

Observing everything in the ruins of the clan castle in secret for a while, the first tower owner who hadn’t gained anything could not help but shook his 新西安夜网 head. He is not a person who asks for information, so naturally he will not be like a spy, waiting for the results to appear.

Shaking his head, Huiyao Tower Master waved his wand and a mirror appeared in front of him.

Magician Association, headquarters, in the main office of the 200-story Thunder Tower.

“Your action this time is too impulsive. You didn’t tell us beforehand that 西安夜生活论坛 even if you were, we must abide by the rules of the club.” The

voice sounded from one of the dark mirrors standing on the table.

I was sips the coffee, and calmly looked at these dark mirrors, and said calmly: “But from the effect, I have at least had a lot of results when I did this. The opportunity is like a meteor, you don’t know. When will it appear, but all you need to do is, when it appears, you don’t hesitate 西安耍耍网 to grab the golden dragon and make chaos, secret steel and Huiyao leave the secret technique tower at the same time, and the other Chiyan couples are even more unexpected. Being imprisoned by Huiyao, there is only one rare opportunity like Thunder, an unremarkable old man. It would be a shame to miss it.”

“Please don’t bring your personal feelings into the club’s usual operations.”

Another mirror. There was also a voice, “You have never given up on this in these years. We all know why you want revenge. We are not opposed to it, but at least while you enjoy the resources of


hantly touched the few hairs on his scalp: “We brought the chapter of Wall back to the Imperial Capital and we brought it back to Wall. Chapter, Your Majesty will only remember this!”

“As long as it is beneficial to the strategy of the Empire, Her Majesty will forgive all our sins!”

“It’s just a few ordinary citizens who died, and 西安夜生活网 there was a little conflict with the church, and a slightly larger amount of operation funds, and some minor violations that were innocent.”

“But, this is the chapter of Wall!”

Siac lowered. He heard the voice, he said in a low voice: “The Chapter of Wall, which has made Her Majesty the Queen talk about for nearly sixty years, is said to hide all the secrets of the Highland Wolf King Wall. It is said that the Chapter of Wall can make the emperor fight the army. 西安夜生活论坛 Shadow Wolf, the secret to promotion from the fifth to the sixth, is also the chapter of Wall!”

There was an astonishing cold light in his eyes, and Seak smiled triumphantly. He even reached out his hand over the small tea table, Lightly patted Lilith’s palm on her knees: “Imagine if we take advantage of the Chapter of Wall, we will severely injure the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Highland Wolf King Wall, and the fearsome wolf cavalry in the Highland Kingdom will be greatly reduced.

” Imagine again, if above the fifth-order Big Swamp Shadow Wolf, among the sixth-order emperors that we developed this sequence, how many generals trapped in the fifth-order would be grateful to us?”

“Break through the fifth Rank, reach the sixth rank, and even the seventh rank Vol’s chapter, there is such a power!”

“Extraordinary power, sixth rank, seventh rank, this is not just power, for some big 西安夜网论坛 men in the empire, power For them, it is no longer of any use. But what follows is life, youth, and a good life!”

“Think about it, an old man who has to go to the bathroom to be supported by a maid. The old general, he broke through from the fifth to the sixth. At the age of ten, he suddenly recovered 西安夜生活论坛 to his peak physique of thirty and forty years old.”


the door, a hard and thick one. Bread and a pot of water were passed in.

Simon drooped his face, stood up, and took the food passed by the inspector with both hands.

Seeing the expressionless face of the iceberg, Simon asked solemnly: “Where is it?” The

inspector didn’t mean to answer at all. He stretched out his hand to signal Simon to retreat, and pressed the doorknob with his left hand to close the door.

At this moment, the entire train shook violently, and then a deafening explosion sounded. Simon and the inspectors at the door were lightened, and at the same time they rose as the car vacated.

Simon’s body was spinning volley in the carriage with great lightness, like a vigorous flea. He dropped the food and water on his hands, and lied on the walls of 西安耍耍网 the carriage with his hands and feet to accurately maintain his balance. .

He was injured by Joe at the Mask Cat Club, and his legs were broken by broken bronze frames.

Fortunately, although Simon’s car broke out of the rails, it did not roll over. Except for the car’s distortion, the specially reinforced car did not suffer much damage.

But as a felon suspected of treason, Simon’s injuries received excellent treatment. As 西安桑拿网 an imperial nobleman of superior origin, Simon has been trained in extraordinary medicine.

Like Joe, he had taken the Abyssal Mayfly potion.

Even, Simon had taken the advanced potion of Abyss Mayfly potion, the second-tier Demon Wing potion.

Devil’s wings, that is a legendary creature that is stronger and more magical than the abyss mayfly, with strong vitality.

The Demon Wing Potion gave Simon a powerful recovery ability. Along the way, although his injury had not fully recovered, it did not affect his normal actions.

The train overturned and the car rolled over. Several inspectors standing at the door awkwardly followed the tossing car, and involuntarily fell to the other end of the car.

In the tumbling carriage, Simon dexterously, like a fish swimming in the water, sprang out of 新西安夜网 the car door extremely


, his belly held up in front of Lieutenant General Otto, and he smiled without a smile.

Lieutenant General Otto shook his head and sneered: “This is the gray animal of the Lucia Empire, haha!”

Lieutenant General Otto was dumbfounded, then smiled and pointed at Joe.

“He, he, he, he wants to kill me!”

Princess 西安夜生活论坛 Lovna screamed in panic: “He almost killed me! I protested, I complained, you must ensure my safety, and you must not want to go on a special train with him!”

“I protested. I complained, I asked to strengthen my security, and I can not Lomond trip on the train! I strongly urge, and I have him, as well as those of his subordinates, men traveling in train twice! ” ”

you can not let I am locked 新西安夜网 up with someone who wants to kill me all the time, even if it’s not a carriage!”

Princess Lovna was wearing Joe’s coat, dancing and shouting loudly.

Lieutenant General Otto gave a sullen face and glared at Lovna fiercely: “We will ensure your safety from today. You can only stay in your car, protected by the female inspectors of the Office of Inspection. Don’t leave the carriage!”

Lieutenant 西安耍耍网 General Otto said coldly: “Your carriage is all reinforced by half-foot-thick steel plates. As long as you stay in the carriage, you will be safe!”

Lovna looked shocked. He said to Lieutenant General Otto: “You really imprison me as a prisoner?”

Lieutenant General Otto shook his head vigorously: “No, this is for your safety. Or, do you tell the truth about your being chased? Except for us. Uninterested court 西安夜生活第一论坛网 scandals, can you tell the truth that is truly valuable and meaningful?”

Lovna yelled aloud and closed her mouth. She gritted her teeth and stared at Lieutenant General Otto bitterly: “General, I remember the gift you gave me today. As a member of the Lucian Empire, I will eventually get something back.” With a

proud head up, Lovna dropped her police uniform jacket on the floor and held her head high. Got 新西安夜网 out of the dining car.

Joe watched being thrown on the ground with a large blood-st


enery, met many wonderful people, and experienced many… magnificent things.”

“For example?” Joe looked at Salian curiously: “What is the place that impressed you the most, people, and things?”

Salian’s eyes were confused for a moment.

He took a deep breath, and the thin cigarette was instantly inhaled to the head by him.

He held the smoke in his lungs for a long, long time, and then slowly spit out a thick cloud of smoke. He also leaned in front of the glass window, his forehead was against the glass window-because the bridge of his nose was far higher than Joe’s For this reason, his nose is also tightly pressed against the glass window.

“It can only be the Principality of Thousand Lakes, right?” Salian muttered to himself.

Then, he rolled his eyes suddenly 西安夜网论坛 and punched Joe in the belly: “Asshole, did you spy on your boss like this? You have to be thankful that you are not in the army now, otherwise I will let you bare butt and carry With a frozen dead wild boar, give me a hundred miles of trail running in this ghostly weather!”

Joe rolled his eyes helplessly and shrugged his shoulders.

Do you want to find out?

Wasn’t you inexplicably intrigued by yourself and caused this topic suddenly?

However, the Principality of Thousand Lakes?

Joe clicked his mouth.

He is familiar with the name of this country. The Principality of Thousand Lakes lies deep in the mountains to the west of Tulum Port. It is a small principality with a population of only 30 million, and it has the reputation of being the most beautiful principality of Medland.

There are more than 9,900 lakes in the small principality, large and small, all kinds of strange lakes, lakes 西安桑拿网 and mountains, and the scenery is extremely charming.

More importantly, because of the numerous lakes and streams in the Qianhu Principality, there are many top gold sand mines in the country, many top natural crystal 西安夜生活网 mines, and several rare magic metal veins. At the same time, it is rich in various aquatic rare herbs.

So this is a prosper


first, but in retrospect, the sacrifices of the two hapless believers of the Corrosive Spirit hadn’t even begun. Instead, they rushed out of the 新西安夜网 cathedral according to the order of Ronchinus and spent the time searching for heresy in Tulum Harbor. Look,

that time, it should have been Joe who sacrificed several demon killer whales in the pond behind the lamprey fish-cutting farm.

The breath of heresy was leaked by offering sacrifices to the balance of order.

but what makes Joe feel at ease is that these pale golden oak leaves do not prove that Joe is a heresy. This has been proven outside the gates of the Golden Anchor Club.

When Joe stood in front of Longinus, Golden Oak Leaf did not react to Joe, but instead found the hapless little Kaban girl who had in-depth exchanges with the believers of the Corruption Spirit.

“There are a lot of heretics” Langinus said nervously, “I think you are also heretics.”

Joe stretched out his finger 西安耍耍网 and poked Langinus hard in the chest. He laughed softly: “You can’t talk nonsense. Paldao, Your Excellency Longinus, this will definitely destroy the relationship between the church and Tulum Port and affect the church’s position in the hearts of Tulum Port citizens. What do you think?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Joe rascal smiled:” You need to know, why am I the son of the chairman of the Tulum Port 西安夜生活网 Seven-member Committee.” On the

new pier on No. 3, the Duke of Ross and the Marquis of Turandole were smiling, and they had no nutritious and awkward conversation.

The two mid-level judges of the Tulum Port District Court brought by the Duke of Ross and two private lawyers carefully checked the documents brought by the Marquis of Turando and confirmed that there were no ambiguities and legal loopholes. A great 西安夜网论坛 nobleman signed and used seals on the piece to represent the successful completion of this transaction between the two countries.

Then, the Duke of Ross issued an enthusiastic invitation, and the Marquis of Turando cooperated with her ignorantly. At the s


for major cases, the first-level police officer Duoge gritted his teeth, his face was pale, and ran with a large group of senior police officers in small steps.

Separately watching the lively crowd, Doge came to Corell and the other big guys, and one of them stood at attention and saluted Corell and others. Then he suddenly took off the hat on his head and 西安桑拿网 forcefully It was placed under the armpit of the left arm.

After stroking the messy hair hard, Doge said solemnly toward Corell: “Your Excellency, this is not in line with the procedure.” Doge was so anxious that he was about to smoke


The case of Whispering Forest Club was personally named by Currier to make him responsible. Then he is the director of the case. All actions related to the case must be led by him and approved by him; even all the information related to the case is also After all must be summarized in his hands, he decides the next steps.

According to the formal case-handling process, Irwin obtained information related to the case, and must be transferred from the police department’s internal channels to Duoge. Then Duoge judged Qiao and Qingsong Street 100 based on the information. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 After the 58th was indeed deeply involved in the case, Doge reported to Corell, who negotiated with the Court of Nobles, and the two parties jointly issued a search warrant!

According to the search warrant, Doge mobilized the police from the Central District Branch and even mobilized the local garrison to surround No. 158 Qingsong Street, turning this place upside down.

Irvine couldn’t get the intelligence, 西安夜网论坛 he went beyond his authority to mobilize the police from the North District Branch and ran to the Central District Branch to enforce the law. He also killed more than 700 police colleagues and caused such a big mess!

Therefore, Doge said to Corell, “This is not in compliance with the procedure.” This is actually the most severe impeachment to Irvine in public.

“I can only do this.” Irwin said 西安夜生活论坛 from the side.

He wiped the blood from