whether you are on foot or in a horse-drawn carriage when you advance on the magic road. That kobold is called Nehru, and he is also an element user. How can he be useless if he has a strong spirit? How you are obedient is only half listening. Du Peng turned his head to his side with a strange face. How amazing and brilliant Master Chogori is, how could he agree with something as superficial as innate determinism? The original words are clearly like this-whether the spirit is strong or not is largely determined When you are on the magic road, whether you are on foot or in a carriage. But where this road ultimately leads depends on the individual’s temperament and characteristics. is it? Yes. Du Peng sighed. This sentence was clearly used to emphasize the importance of personal qualities and to encourage apprentices with poor spiritual talent not to give up easily. If you cut off the second half, the meaning is completely reversed, OK? Old Richard blushed. Chapter 316 The talent is a double-edged sword. Nehru’s temperament is really bad. Richard has long been deeply moved about this. More than bad, it’s terrible! Master Dupont was so angry when he saw it, I was a little curious when I saw such a wizard. Landed quietly, disguised as an ordinary farmer with light and shadow illusion, and asked him how to get to Coron City. and then? He actually said that he had to give me at least one silver coin before he told me, otherwise he would stay away and don’t prevent him from basking in the sun! Richard had to pinch his thighs hard to hold back his laugh, which indeed sounded like Nehru could do. Later I asked him to speak politely. Master Du Peng took a deep breath, and the buttons of the mage’s robe on his chest were tightened to the extreme. It was amazing, that was amazing. Actually asked me to wait for it to look good, saying that he would ask the Lord Gaoshanbao to beat me! Lord Lord couldn’t control it anymore and burst into a burst of laughter like a firecracker. Such a good mental talent. The fat ol