, although the sacred duel can

lly a learned man.” “Don’t misunderstand me!” “Tie Axe didn’t care about the barbarians. Border Town doesn’t ask about his origin. This is what His Majesty said to him himself. Compared to Mojin, he has a more important identity, that is, a resident of Neverwinter City. Echo cast a look at him for help, and he coughed twice and voluntarily explained, “Miss Andrea’s worries are not too much to worry about, although the sacred duel cannot be rejected, and it must be prepared when both parties are properly prepared. Will be recognized by the three gods, but the duel can not be initiated by wanting to initiate, first of all, the challenger must be qualified for the duel. “What kind of qualifications?” “First of all, it must be a complete Mojin clan. “Tie Axe briefly introduced, “A person cannot represent a clan, even the patriarch or princess. This rule is to prevent the winner from only a few dozen people, but occupying one-sixth of the territory of Iron Sand City. In addition, it also excluded foreigners from the scope of the duel-Iron Sand City allows foreigners to fight on behalf of the clan, but does not allow them to occupy the core power. “Doesn’t that mean that we have no qualifications to initiate?” Ashes raised an eyebrow, “Echo has been exiled for several years, and the Osha clan no longer exists, or should we start by looking for her surviving clan? “No one can survive in the Endless Cape,” Iron Axe shook his head, “but we can change it, such as let Lord Silvermoon become the patriarch of a new clan. “This is fine too?” Andrea stunned. “The Mojin people don’t value bloodliness like you do. Compared with blood inheritance, strength is the most important thing. “The commander-in-chief of the First Army said calmly, “After satisfying the last condition, any clan who can stand firm in the small oasis around Iron Sand City is equivalent to having a duel qualification. There are a total of four of these small oasis. Newly-rising clans usually fight around them. There are no rules and no restrictions. Therefore,