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aching materials the saying that everyone is the same type and that the defectors are just a handful of ulterior motives and that the broad masses should not be held responsible for this is far better than prohibiting everyone from discussing this matter and increasing the barriers between regions. The difficulty lies in the relationship between ordinary people and witches. He doesn’t want to make witches special, but the existence of witches is very special. There is a certain degree of irreconcilability between the two. It is undoubtedly a very long-term task to alleviate this contradiction as much as possible, and it may even run through the future of all mankind. Since there is no way to solve it right away, just follow the scroll, first look at the practice of Taqila, and then slowly adjust it. Fortunately, the impact of this matter is minimal, and a more relaxed approach can be used to start the integration policy. Thinking of this, Roland said, “This matter should be handled as an ordinary fight. The student who injured the witch with a chair will pay for the medical expenses of the two, and verbally criticize; the medical expenses of the sixth class of injuries will be borne by the Witch League. , The repairs of the school are handed over to the city hall to resume normal teaching at the college as soon as possible.” “Yes, Your Majesty.” The two responded in unison. “In addition, the follow-up preventive measures are based on the book, and use public opinion to guide the people as much as possible. I will put out a draft for you to implement the specific content.” Roland breathed out, “Right, then. Witch” “she It’s Xuelun, Your Majesty, do you want to see her? Scroll asked. “No, let her rest for a few days to calm down. If possible, ask Wendy to accompany her and tell her some basic information about the Witch League. ” “I understand. “After the two left, Roland immediately recruited Agatha and Phyllis into the office. “Your Majesty, I happen to have something to talk to you.” Before sitting down, Agatha