actually has three Pages, but those texts are too complicated and difficult to remember. My current limit is that a little more than two pages and more will mess up the rest. I can only wait for the next time, Audrey silently added a few words in her heart.
The new Roselle diary Klein lifted his spirits and asked with a smile knowing the answer:
“Miss Justice, what do you need to get”
Audrey’s eyes lit up, but he replied pretentiously:
“You know , I’m about to finish digesting the audience’s potions. I hope to get the formula of the Mind Reader’s Potions earlier so that the materials can be prepared in advance. Well, I know the contents of these two diaries are not much, and may not match the Mind Reader’s formula. Value, I will give you another page, um, I will pay you an extra amount of money” before
she finished her words, she suddenly felt wrong and couldn’t help but cursed herself in her heart:
Mr. Fool is at least a big figure close to the gods, how could it be regarded as vulgar money.
Therefore, Audrey failed to maintain the status of “audience” and stammer added:
“I don’t mean Mr. Fool, I mean Yes, you can specify the compensation you want, yes, that’s it. ”
I like your proposal just now. I will answer like this: When you really digest the “audience” potion, you can get the follow-up formula. I have a man, no , I have to use a more compelling favored one. He is busy with something and just needs a certain amount of money. This is his bearer account, his bearer account at Backlund Bank. Well, this week I will pretend to be Klein did not answer immediately after handling a bearer account at the Tingen branch of the Backlund Bank, but he looked at his words seriously but seriously.
Backlund Bank is one of the seven largest banks in the Kingdom of Ruen and holds the right of liquidation.
The Kingdom of Luen uses centralized bill clearing to handle transfers between banks in the same city, but unlike its counterparts in the Republic of Intis, not all banks here can join the ranks. The seven largest banks are Firmly hold this right, so they are also called clearing banks, so that other banks can only rely on them.
However, the opening of accounts in different places can only be done in the same bank and through the clearing of different branches. With the steam train and cable telegraph, the efficiency in this area has improved a lot.


And Miss “Justice”
Of course, he knew that Duster would have thought it was what the Nightwatcher wanted.
“If your method is really effective, and I can reach the items or information you want to get,” Duxt said with discretion.
“I will pay your benefits in advance.” Klein said frankly, “We want the formula of the mind reader.”
He will not hide the formula of the potion, and will hand it over to the captain, saying that it was Duster in exchange for his own status. Master the experience on potions.
During this process, Klein would definitely verify the formula, “accidentally” was in his head.
In addition, the formula that he exchanged for his personal experience can accumulate more merits for him.
At that time, with the addition of the previous part, he may not even need to be extra busy, and he can apply for the “clown formula” plus the main materials.
It’s really cost-effective to make two trades with one formula, Klein thought with a better mood.
Daxter stared into his eyes, and said silently for a moment:
“You are very calm that I will work hard to obtain this formula, but I am not sure how long it will take. If it is too dangerous, I hope to use other compensation instead.”
“No problem.” Klein didn’t intend to force the opponent too much, and then vaguely described the “playing method”, “The key to fighting loss of control lies in the name of the potion. We must understand it and understand its true meaning, and this is not light. Things that can be accomplished by thinking must be truly experienced. For example, as an audience, you have to understand that you are just an audience, not an actor, and what an audience is like, you need to explore and try in your life. Summarize its code of conduct, and strictly demand yourself based on it.”
Duster listened very attentively, and then said for a while:
“It’s really a brand new theory, huh, I prefer to use theory to describe what you just said, this It’s like, like the corresponding theory of drama and opera actors, I will try it out, hoping for good changes.”
“If, if it really works, I will try my best to help you get the mind reader formula”
“May the goddess bless you.” Klein drew a crimson moon on his chest.
He didn’t add the “psychiatrist” this potion formula because he knew that this was a task that Daxter’s current status would definitely not be able to complete, and the other party would be exposed if he was not careful.
Therefore, he intends to take his time and help Dust gain a higher position step by step in the mental alchemy.
In that way, the long-term benefits will be very, very rich.
Klein didn’t stay anymore, first observed the outside through the hole in the door, then quickly left, turning to the small shooting range belonging to the night watcher.
Entering there, locked the door of the house, his face darkened again. In the speculation that the Church of the Goddess did not sum up the “playing method” just now, he also thought of a thing that he had
neglected. Due to the reversal of the acquisition order of the two things that should be linked together, he did not think further.
The first thing is that the Antigonus family was destroyed by the Night Goddess Church.
The second thing is that the Antigonus family has mastered the “divine master” sequence, or at least a large part of it.


“Then there will be a tarot party at three o’clock. Why did a secretly organized boss live so tired?” Klein muttered to himself, lying in the night watcher’s lounge for two hours, making up his sleep.
Regarding the knowledge and things he gained last night, he was not worried about forgetting. This can be recalled by divination. What he was afraid of was that he ignored the existence of these knowledge and things, and even lost the idea of ​​divination. Therefore, He went through all the details in his mind before going to bed to deepen his impression.
This is why Klein insists on writing summaries every week and sorting out various situations.
After lunch, he took out his pocket watch and took a look, put on his hat, left the Blackthorn Security Company, and went to the “shooting club” at 3 Zotland Street.
Pushing open the door and entering the reception hall, Klein did not go directly to the shooting range belonging to the night watcher, but sat down in the hall, holding the black cane with his hands and waiting patiently.
The meeting place he agreed with Daxter was at this “Zotland Street Shooting Club”
And the way they agreed was to write a letter. When Klein needed to meet, he would write to Dr. Duster Guderian as a family member of the patient, asking about a special disease called “split personality.” In the letter, Klein would mention the word audience in various ways to confirm his identity with the hidden ink dots, and the time point inadvertently written in the letter is the time point of meeting.
As for the meeting place, they had already decided in their first meeting. If Klein felt that it was time to change the place, he would explain it in the interview.
When Duster Guderian wants to meet but is not in a hurry, he can send the letter to the Hound Tavern or the shooting club. The recipient is “Mr. Honakis” and waits for Klein to take it away regularly.
If he has an emergency, he must send the letter directly to Wright, the owner of the Hound Tavern, and have to mention the sentence “Look for a mercenary.” In this way, Wright, who is a member of the outer member of the Night Watcher, will immediately send the letter to Blackthorn Security. the company.
After waiting for a while, just two minutes short of it, Klein saw Daxter, who had a rather gentle temperament, walk into the lobby of the “shooting club”.
He was wearing a black silk top hat, a fitted tuxedo, a silver-inlaid walking stick in his hand, and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his face.
Duster looked around unobtrusively and saw Klein who nodded slightly, so he retracted his gaze, walked to the front desk, skillfully applied for a shooting range, and rented a gun.
He has been here once.
“Small shooting range No. 7, 3 sul per hour, revolver rental fee, 1 sul 6 pence per hour, including six rounds of ammunition.” The reception girl quickly settled the matter.
After Dust confirmed that the time was 1 hour and paid the fee of 10 Sole, he received the revolver and extra bullets and entered the corresponding shooting range under the guidance of the waiter.
Klein waited for another five minutes before slowly getting up, holding his cane, and coming to the outside of the small shooting range No.7, knocking on the door.
With a squeak, a gap was opened in the door of the room, and Dust looked at the left and right with a vigilant probe before moving away.
Klein immediately stepped in and locked the door.
“Good afternoon, Mr. Duster.” As he said, he took out the 10 Sole notes and handed them to the other party. “We won’t let the peripheral members pay for the meeting.”
Because I can reimburse him, he silently added.
Duster did not decline, accepting the cash, and then asked in a deep voice:
“Officer Moretti, why are you looking for me to meet this time?”


“What the hell is going on? Does my divination point to some incredible existence” Klein recovered a little bit, letting the burnt black fall off his body, and guessing about the matter, “If there is a gray mist above this A mysterious space is blocked, I am afraid that there is not even ashes left. Is that drop of golden liquid the blood of God? I just saw the eternal blazing sun, or the powerful angels under his command. No, it is a round of sun, I feel more like it I went to the former, did I look straight at the gods”
Klein became more and more afraid as he thought about it, and felt that he was almost completely confessed:
“It’s really ignorant and fearless. If you don’t die, you won’t die. Later, you can’t use everything for divination. Who knows what I will see”
“If I do it again, I really don’t know if this mysterious space can help me block the deadliest injury. I will die by then”
“Well, if you continue to try with golden liquid, it will definitely not work. , just that there is a suspected eternal Lieyang, but also by the secret, strange and sudden impact on the fog divination, did not have time to make more reaction if He had prepared, I am afraid that this mysterious space really can not stop, ”
thought Here, Klein’s figure returned to normal, no longer scorched, but compared to before, it was a bit bleak and illusory.
He raised his hand and rubbed his temples, and gave the idea of ​​restoring the palace and the long table.
The palace like the residence of the giant and the long table made of bronze instantly recovered, and everything returned to the way it was before.
Klein sat down, leaned back in his chair, and laughed at himself:
“This is not entirely a bad thing. At least I figured out where the limits of this mysterious space are roughly. With a definite goal, the angel who is close to the gods can complete Use the power above the gray fog.”
“Hey, my fortune-telling code must add one more content: Don’t divination at will on things that may involve higher-personal creatures. Well, don’t mess around with the spiritual vision, if you look directly at something Things that shouldn’t be looked directly at may be gaover on the spot. There is no such mysterious space in the outside world to resist most of the bad influences.” After
a few seconds, Klein’s expression suddenly became weird because of his Some knowledge is echoing in my mind.
Yes, knowledge


Back in the living room, Derrick opened the door and looked up at the sky above the Silver City.
A flash of lightning flashed, everything was covered with silver, and then, in the rolling thunder, the world returned to darkness, darkness without a light, deep and solemn to the desperate darkness.
Derrick’s hands were clenched into fists, and there was no joy in his eyes, but sadness and pain still remained.
But he was no longer at a loss.
Phew, another member flickered, no, another member Klein laughed and shook his head, mocking the current strength of the Tarot Society:
As the leader of the “Fool”, he has only Sequence 9 and has just digested the “divine master” potion
And the Silver City, where there is no hope in the mouth of “Sun”, has at least three high-ranking powerhouses with Sequence 4
“One more time, you can explain the situation to the captain and make a special application. Once I become a clown, I will at least not be just a support.” Klein did not stay, extended his spirituality, wrapped himself, and fell sharply.
Penetrating through the gray mist and rushing through the babble, he returned to the room and lifted the spiritual wall.
Then, Klein picked up the key and slammed the door out. First, he went to the two rooms reserved by Dunn and checked to make sure that the captain and Frye had not returned. Then, he went to the first floor and pushed the key to the boss.
The boss glanced at the wall clock on the side and gave him a thumbs up:
“Good job”
Hey, you think I opened the “hour room” for what Klein opened his mouth to explain, but in the end he decided to let the other party continue to misunderstand.
He felt aggrieved and comforted himself:
Well, so that he won’t talk to the captain about the fact that I opened another room
After going out and pretending to make a circle, Klein did a quick fortune-telling. According to the result, he returned to the hotel and went straight to the second floor. Unexpectedly, he saw Dunn and Frye talking about the investigation in one of the rooms. Happening.
“It can be confirmed that the resentment has only appeared in the last two or three months.” Dunn glanced at Klein who opened the door, nodded and concluded.
Klein immediately agreed:
“My investigation also confirmed this.”
He described the key points of the previous questioning, and finally said: “Heh, a townsman named Rogue Gray also claimed that he had a portrait of the first Baron Ramd in his family, saying that it was an antiquities more than a thousand years ago. painting.”


“Shepherd”, this is an incomplete sequence in another sequence. Those sequences sound very similar to the “Aurora Society” style. That person, the “Aurora Society” member whose name I forgot to write to Mr. Z, I have been mentioning “The Lamb of the Lord” Klein maintained a leisurely posture, seemingly casually asked: “Shepherd” “Yes, this is the sequence path we found in the cities destroyed by the dark things.” , Only to Sequence 5 Shepherd, but Elder Lovia is very powerful, very strange, and very scary. It is said that he has fought high-level evil spirits and was not injured.


t say any more, and left with Jiang Min Hyuk… Then Han Guo and Xu Xian also left. (To be continued.) (One hundred more) Chapter 505 Cai Shao gathers “I decide! I won’t see you one day!!” Han Guo drove to s. When m parking lot, he spoke to Xu Xian who was about to get off. Xu Xian was stunned for a moment and looked at Han Guo with a smile: “Nei~” Then Han Guo really didn’t respond. Xu Xian glanced at him brightly, bent his mouth and smiled and bowed his head before walking forward. At this time, it was half past eight in the morning. Shouldn’t it be in the gym? ! In fact, did not go. Han Guo was dragged to the ground by Xu Xian. The waist was hit. Then Xu Xian was unconsciously pumped while pursuing. If he went to the gym in this situation, Han would probably die on the road… Then Xu Hulu Fawai Kaien agreed to not go today. In addition to crying, Han Guo almost bleeds when he hears Xu Hulu’s kindness. Bleeding out of a mouthful of old blood. It also triggered Han Guo to make such a decision just after arr


m.” “How do you say it?!” Kim Tae Yeon raised. Hold your head and give her: “Euny doesn’t scream, it’s your elders, speak respectfully.” Kim Ha-yeon rubbed her head and curled her lips: “Did you guys quarrel with Eunie? Even though it is a former member… …” “You missed a mouthful of a former member!” Kim Taeyeon grabbed her chin and shook her: “Who taught you to be so small or not? Let’s talk about my company portfolio. How can you talk so much about things? Kim Ha Yeon broke free, rubbing her chin and pouting her mouth. Kim Tae Yeon glared at her, frowned and said, “What do you hear about them?” “Jin Xiayan pouted: “Who heard so much?” Anyway, it’s whoever helped who protects who cares about who. “Taeyeon smiled and pushed her head: “It’s messy.” “After saying that, I walked inside. Jin Xiayan also hurriedly followed. “Han…Han writer is there, right?” “Looking at Kwon Miyeon, Kim Taeyeon asked. Kwon Miyeon nodded. She opened her mouth to say something, but Kim Taeyeon had already stepped over. Kim Hayeon

way to do it, but since even Isabella is

hey can naturally be recruited as followers. Unfortunately, I don’t know the true situation of his parents. Those are all nonsense that I just said. “She shrugged indifferently. “Once he finds that these are lies, it is obviously not good for the church.” Believe me, I do my best for the church. “If you are wholehearted, you should stay in the tent and wait for the order. Mayne turned his head impatiently. “The offense is about to begin. You should prepare now. According to the plan, the wolf king and the clear water queen–” “must die, my lord ,” The Purity laughed, “If it’s just me, there may be no way to do it, but since even Isabella is here, they will never get out of the wolf’s heart. “******************* Woo———————— Woo——————— The offensive horn rolls across the sky, in the dark clouds and rustling autumn wind on top The second siege war kicked off. Two miles away, the bracket used by the siege beast to launch the iron spear burst out with magical light. When the light was as bright as the sun, the iron spear seemed to be giant Human hands were generally throwing, and an ear-piercing roar erupted in an instant, ejected at a speed hard to discern with the naked eye, and flew straight toward the city wall. Across such a long distance, its power is undiminished, and the city wall made of snowstones can’t stop a single bit-it easily smashes the stone blocking the road into dust, and even the militia squatting behind the wall is also affected. . After only three rounds of shooting, the city gate was completely shattered, and the nearby walls were also broken. Although the launch speed of the siege equipment from the devil is equivalent to that of the stone thrower, the range is several times longer. Under such an offensive, the garrison is unable to fight back. Since they can’t see the launch trajectory, they don’t even know the next attack. Where will it fall. Before the church army has acted, the outer line of defense is already in danger. At this moment, a loud noise suddenly came from behin

, although the sacred duel can

lly a learned man.” “Don’t misunderstand me!” “Tie Axe didn’t care about the barbarians. Border Town doesn’t ask about his origin. This is what His Majesty said to him himself. Compared to Mojin, he has a more important identity, that is, a resident of Neverwinter City. Echo cast a look at him for help, and he coughed twice and voluntarily explained, “Miss Andrea’s worries are not too much to worry about, although the sacred duel cannot be rejected, and it must be prepared when both parties are properly prepared. Will be recognized by the three gods, but the duel can not be initiated by wanting to initiate, first of all, the challenger must be qualified for the duel. “What kind of qualifications?” “First of all, it must be a complete Mojin clan. “Tie Axe briefly introduced, “A person cannot represent a clan, even the patriarch or princess. This rule is to prevent the winner from only a few dozen people, but occupying one-sixth of the territory of Iron Sand City. In addition, it also excluded foreigners from the scope of the duel-Iron Sand City allows foreigners to fight on behalf of the clan, but does not allow them to occupy the core power. “Doesn’t that mean that we have no qualifications to initiate?” Ashes raised an eyebrow, “Echo has been exiled for several years, and the Osha clan no longer exists, or should we start by looking for her surviving clan? “No one can survive in the Endless Cape,” Iron Axe shook his head, “but we can change it, such as let Lord Silvermoon become the patriarch of a new clan. “This is fine too?” Andrea stunned. “The Mojin people don’t value bloodliness like you do. Compared with blood inheritance, strength is the most important thing. “The commander-in-chief of the First Army said calmly, “After satisfying the last condition, any clan who can stand firm in the small oasis around Iron Sand City is equivalent to having a duel qualification. There are a total of four of these small oasis. Newly-rising clans usually fight around them. There are no rules and no restrictions. Therefore,