r from the Hell Demon Realm.

At this moment, the 西安夜网论坛 root cage under the ancient tree of war kept making grunting sounds.

A hellhound covered with demon blood appeared in the prison, as if passing through the bloody passage of the demon bird, the hellhound’s skin was almost completely corroded and melted, and its body was glowing red. The muscles and fascia, the blood-colored pupils that lost the eyelids, looked terrifying, and the mouthful of fangs were exposed in 西安夜生活网 the blood basin.

His body was tightly entangled by the roots of the ancient war tree. It kept roaring and struggling hard. A bone sword pierced through the gap between the roots and pierced into the skull of the hellhound without hindrance. The hellhound whimpered, convulsed all over, collapsed in the prison of the ancient war tree.

Justus pulled the bone sword from the skull of the hellhound, took 西安夜生活第一论坛网 out a handkerchief and wiped the blood on the bone sword, nodded slightly at me, and then turned to face the chasers with a solemn expression.

I hung the crystal dagger of extreme cold around my waist, and arranged the leather armor of the earth fury magic pattern structure that I was wearing. I held the Shura axe in one hand and the bronze oil lamp in the other, Shura A faint flame burned on the sharp axe, and a layer of blazing thunder and lightning filled the space between the oil lamp and my fingers.

A layer of flame tongue weapon was attached to the Shura axe.

The hand holding the oil lamp was covered with electric magic lightning.

I glanced at Moraya’er and Connie, patted them on the shoulders, and said to Kalancuo and the Tauren: “You are waiting for me outside. I will go down and block the flesh 西安桑拿网 and blood passage of the demon bird. Destroy it.”

“Then you have to be careful.” Luka the tauren stared at the entrance to the cave that was only one person high, frowning and said to me.

I nodded to Kalentuo, Luca, and the others, and Catalina got into the cave in front of me.

Walk into the tree cave passage opened by the ancien


Ivan via radio.

“I am the same here. I don’t have anything to prove my identity.” Big Ivan pointed to the cargo bucket. “But there are a lot of supplies there. There is a full half-carriage of self-heating food and dehydrated vegetables, even 西安夜网论坛 beer. A few boxes.”

“Don’t you also bring a dozen boxes of beer and vodka?” Nanjing Longfeng disappointedly closed the door of a pickup truck with four wheels and drive shafts removed. There was also no valuable discovery in it.

“Don’t look for it. Anyway, we have enough prisoners to ask what we want to know.” Big Iwan urged, turning to the dormitory car. The corpses here were sifted into 西安夜生活网 the sieve like pickups, and he didn’t want to search for loot among these broken corpses that were most likely to carry HIV.

“That said, go back earlier.” Nanjing Longfeng took off the two layers of rubber gloves and the outermost cotton gloves and threw them into the air, letting the strong wind blow them further.

With the help of He Tianlei and others, the Tuareg people found out as many locators as possible in the 新西安夜网 bodies of the two Unimogs, and drove the car back happily.

The results of this ambush can be described as happy, for the club, it is easy to eliminate potential safety hazards naturally. For the Tuaregs headed by Bass, it is definitely a surprise that two unharmed Unimog trucks can be brought back with just the exchange of fire.

And don’t forget, they found one on the way when they came. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 After the event, even if these three cars are sold, they might be able to easily exchange for more than a dozen cars that are not so good in performance but more cost-effective. Pickup truck!

This little thing may be really nothing to Nanjing Longfeng and others, but for the Tuareg people who escaped from the war and restarted their lives, it is a wealth that can make the life of tribal people upside down. .

After the He Tianlei salted fish brothers buried anti-infantry directional mines and anti-tank mines near the corpses and pickup wreckage they left behind. Th


so I turned to the square in front of the castle. At this time, Cruz positive to the side, he saw me come out from behind 西安夜网论坛 the garden, they complained: “?. Kerry, almost ready for dinner, where have you been I’m going to find you,”

I will hand The remaining half loaf of brown bread was lifted and walked back with Kurz on his shoulders: ”

I’m a little hungry. The time to take a bread from the restaurant, you are gone.” Kurz removed my hand. , Said a little embarrassed: “Hey, this was seen by my 新西安夜网 grandma, and I have 西安桑拿网 to nag me for a long time.”

He glanced at the maid behind him with a vain look, until the first day Kuz returned home, as long as Kuz was in the castle, she always followed Kuz, she couldn’t help saying that she was a well-looking wolf clan beast girl. The place that should be big is big, and the place that is changed is soft and thin. However, with a poker face all day, it is very boring, far inferior to the enthusiastic Gril.

On the right side of the castle square is a martial arts field rammed with loess, with some stone piers and stone mills on the edge. When you get up in the morning, you can still see young orcs practicing on the martial arts field. During the day, there are almost no people here. Unexpectedly, before dinner, there was a circle of people here, and Kurz and I also leaned over 西安夜生活论坛 to watch the fun. I got into 西安耍耍网 the crowd and squeezed to the front, only to see Chief Kurt standing in the center of the martial arts field. He was wearing only chain armor and trousers, with his naked torso showing strong bronze muscles, and the young werewolf rushing up from his side. Kicked away, causing applause all around.

I feel that Kurt is standing there like a fierce wolf who chooses people to eat. As long as he is swept by his murderous eyes, I feel a little chill from the bones, and the soul trembles like a little. , This is just the feeling it brings me. The danger he brought to me was far greater than that of the White Wolf Warrior Maka who had encountered in the wasteland. Riro


uely see a daisy Like impressions.


“You mean the treasure is here?!” Jia Ya couldn’t help exclaiming.

“The status of chrysanthemums in Japan’s own country is very special and noble, and they are basically 16-petal chrysanthemums.”

Nanjing Longfeng first showed off the knowledge he had learned during the recent research, and then continued, “You don’t feel surprised Is it? The role of the password paper itself is to convey information 西安夜生活第一论坛网concealedly. If it does not have a special meaning, how can it be printed with the chrysanthemum Peugeot of Japan’s own country?”

Big Ivan put the dinner plate in his hand On the conference table, there was a duck neck that had been eaten halfway in his mouth. With greasy fingers, he opened the password paper on the screen and glanced at the location covered by chrysanthemums. On the map photo, there was 西安夜生活论坛nothing at all here. Pin.

“Brunei?” The

Great Ivan said the name of the place in surprise, then opened the satellite map quickly and circled the approximate area covered by the chrysanthemum, “This disgusting little chrysanthemum almost covers the entire Baliba Banhai Bay and large tracts of virgin forest.”

“In 1942, Japan occupied this place. Not only was it the main throat for maritime traffic,西安夜生活网 but the strategic materials such as petroleum, rubber, and coal mines produced here were also Japan’s own. According to historical facts, the war supplies urgently needed by the country, it is indeed possible that there are treasures buried here.”

Good family education allows Nasha to act elegantly and decently even if she talks and eats. At the same time, she is probably in Jiaya’s eyes. The only normal 西安桑拿网 person on the boat with decent behavior.

Thinking of this, Jia Ya proactively said, “Our group has oil in Balikpapan.”

But before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix. The latter stuffed a piece of soft braised pork into her mouth, then bit a big steamed bun viciously, and said vaguely, “Actually, the location Maybe it c


ed for 西安耍耍网 the whole night went back to their rooms, and those who had fallen asleep early last night got up to take over the guard duty. Although the tank that was originally used to block the road on the hillside has been driven back to the back mountain, the 88mm gun at the entrance of the radar station lowered its muzzle and faced the winding road. In the sleepy wait of Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix, until near noon, Issachar, wearing a big red Tang suit, finally drove an off-road vehicle and drove over to take credit. “Happy New Year, Nanjing Brothers Dragon and Phoenix, I wish you good luck in the new year.” Issakya’s fist was holding a paper folding fan that I didn’t know where he got.

“No matter how good auspicious words are, there is no lucky money” Nanjing Longfeng teased, pretending to be grateful, “Thank you last night, did you catch those fragile?” “The two most important people ran away” Issachar said Here I sighed regretfully, “We didn’t help much, mainly because the person you arranged played a role.”

The person I arranged? Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix looks weird, he arranged for a fart! Just when the donkey lips of the two people were not right, the helicopter roared from far to near, and finally stopped slowly on the 西安桑拿网 mountainside platform.

Chapter 491 ran under the eyelids,

“Have you come here to pay a New Year greeting?” Nanjing Longfeng asked with a smile looking at the salted fish coming off the helicopter.

“I’m here to pay New Year’s greetings, but it’s not the one who came with me.” The

salted fish raised his thumb and gestured to Yefim, who was coming out of the cabin behind him . ” They were the ones who helped last night. Come here for good. a. ” ”

they? ”

Nanjing Dragon eyebrows, looked at the smiling came to Efim panda and the code of brawny, implied towards Issachar slightly shook his head, smiling greeted.

“Happy new year, congratulations on getting rich.” The panda said with a grin.

“Thank you for what happened last night.” Nanjing Longfeng asked the crowd a


u really don’t look very smart.” Butler Sa gave an affirmative answer: “Well, since I told you to go, then go to the forest first. Maybe there is really any purpose.”

Outside the chessboard, Butler Lysa looked at the various slaves on the board. The player’s card, the follower card, at this time seems to have started to approach the past consciously 新西安夜网 or unconsciously.

Did something really happen?

But I really can’t remember. Mr. Butler was a little puzzled, then grabbed the function card in the preparation area and looked at it. Speaking of which, what function card do I have?

“It seems that everyone wants to go to this place.”

Mr. Valli looked at the whole situation, whether it was SNeff, the gardener who was the most difficult to open, or the maid who had just instigated his maid, they all deliberately stepped into it at this time.

As for him, he didn’t directly instruct him, but he had obviously figured out his own mind. Therefore, Chef Nelson, who was planning to make a move, also began to drive the followers to advance.

He felt that when they met in the area, there must be a fierce battle. This seemed to be a good 西安桑拿网 opportunity for harvesting. As the saying goes, two tigers and two tigers, one will always overwhelm the other and then get injured.

“Then I’m going to join in the fun.” With

that said, Mr. Vali’s action point was instantly cleared, and Kaledi, as his servant, could only be driven to act with resentment at this moment.

But Miss Gong Linna didn’t know why. It seemed that her follower had fallen into a stasis since she was resurrected in situ. This stillness had already passed three rounds.

She still seemed to choose to stagnate or that this round, she could still only stagnate, but Miss Gong Linna did not see a trace of anxiety on her face. She just said she was thirsty, and asked Tiff, who was a maid, to make some blood tea for herself.


The twins’ sister, Tiff, quickly walked aside and brought back tea sets after a while and offered blood black t


s and even his neck.

He even had a somewhat unstable control handle, and his brain was blank. He was already on the field of the competition and was preparing for the last position of the line.

He knows that in this kind of full event, he will be nervous and not nervous. This is after all!

But Reyaz, who is already mentally prepared, does not think he will be nervous as if he is drained. Same strength.

It’s really because you are 西安夜网论坛 not nervous.

Reyaz was wailing in his heart.

“You are very brave, you dare to step on this stage at this age. I am very happy to be able to meet you in this arena. This will be a wonderful competition.”

“You…you have passed the prize, your majesty !”

Perhaps because of self-confidence, perhaps because of his own strength, at this time, the Emperor of the Undersea City, right next to Reyaz, is in the last position of the game.

Reyaz subconsciously looked to the support area assigned to him at the competition venue, but saw that Boss Luo and the maid were looking towards him, holding the cheerleading props they didn’t know where they got from.

“Come on, duck! Reyaz!”

Reyaz gave an ugly smile, then took a deep breath and looked ahead.

But not far in front, Krypton Duojin, standing high above Feituo, was looking back at this moment, looking bitterly at Reyaz behind him, with a gritted teeth.

Even if it’s the emperor of the Undersea City,

here is the competition arena. There are some things that even the emperor can’t let Ah Krypton Duojin take a deep breath, his eyes are determined!

With the initial gunshot sound, Krypton Duojin presses directly The accelerator key is pressed down, “Duck! Golden behemoth!”

1677. Chapter 26 The Aspect of Civilization “It’s Lord


“Quick! Go and save him!”

they did not in that strong fortress, we did not know what was going on inside the fort , Just knew one thing their immediate boss, warden Benjamin fell 西安桑拿网 into the mine.

This is the fall of the warden Benjamin, a big figure who can control all the


ngs of hell, he can always sense it.

Lucifer was ready to absorb the desperate breath of the intensive care unit.

At this time, she had moved into the morgue, vomiting the syllables of the ancient words, and raised her hands.

In the dim and icy morgue, a turquoise luster lit up for an instant. At this moment, Lucifer suddenly bit his finger, and then lay on the ground, and began to draw a complex picture on the floor with blood.的array map.

Of course, these breaths of death and despair are nothing but the medium of this ritual, and it is Lucifer’s own blood that really takes the lead.

“Well, the magic circle that has come has been completed, let’s look at luck next.” Lucifer stood up, “Announce, the heaven of infinite destiny, follow this ancient contract of words and spirits, Respond to me, the servant of the void.” The

blood array suddenly glowed with dazzling light on the sofa, and a burst of purple smoke suddenly appeared in the array.

They hovered, getting more and more rapid in the thick purple smoke, and suddenly there was a red light flashing.

The red light suddenly cut away all the purple smoke. So, a woman wearing black leather armor, 西安夜生活论坛 wearing a black veil and mouth mask, holding a crimson spear in her hand, slowly opened her eyes.

Lucifer squinted her eyes at this time, “It turns out that it is the spirit of the Queen of the Kingdom of Shadows. It seems that I have good luck this time.”

She looked at Lucifer and said calmly: “It was you who called me to the projection. Should I call you the queen of hell, or the star of dawn?”

“Just call my name.” Lucifer shrugged, “Lucifer, then, I’ll bother you this time, my Servant.”


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Chapter 191: Graduation and Coming,

Gan Hong lowered his head, gasping for breath, while watching 西安夜生活网 sweat drip from the ends of his hair. The doctor sai


“The Secret Steel is gone.”

When Hui Yao appeared in front of Balegang, there was nothing to hide. It stands to reason that the Secret Steel should appear in the first place.

He didn’t directly call Secret 西安夜网论坛 Steel, nor did he intend to let Secret Steel know that his whereabouts had been exposed. He just planned to let him show up many things automatically. As long as the way he handles it is different, the results will be different.

“Are these guys discussing something?”

Observing everything in the ruins of the clan castle in secret for a while, the first tower owner who hadn’t gained anything could not help but shook his 新西安夜网 head. He is not a person who asks for information, so naturally he will not be like a spy, waiting for the results to appear.

Shaking his head, Huiyao Tower Master waved his wand and a mirror appeared in front of him.

Magician Association, headquarters, in the main office of the 200-story Thunder Tower.

“Your action this time is too impulsive. You didn’t tell us beforehand that 西安夜生活论坛 even if you were, we must abide by the rules of the club.” The

voice sounded from one of the dark mirrors standing on the table.

I was sips the coffee, and calmly looked at these dark mirrors, and said calmly: “But from the effect, I have at least had a lot of results when I did this. The opportunity is like a meteor, you don’t know. When will it appear, but all you need to do is, when it appears, you don’t hesitate 西安耍耍网 to grab the golden dragon and make chaos, secret steel and Huiyao leave the secret technique tower at the same time, and the other Chiyan couples are even more unexpected. Being imprisoned by Huiyao, there is only one rare opportunity like Thunder, an unremarkable old man. It would be a shame to miss it.”

“Please don’t bring your personal feelings into the club’s usual operations.”

Another mirror. There was also a voice, “You have never given up on this in these years. We all know why you want revenge. We are not opposed to it, but at least while you enjoy the resources of


the door, a hard and thick one. Bread and a pot of water were passed in.

Simon drooped his face, stood up, and took the food passed by the inspector with both hands.

Seeing the expressionless face of the iceberg, Simon asked solemnly: “Where is it?” The

inspector didn’t mean to answer at all. He stretched out his hand to signal Simon to retreat, and pressed the doorknob with his left hand to close the door.

At this moment, the entire train shook violently, and then a deafening explosion sounded. Simon and the inspectors at the door were lightened, and at the same time they rose as the car vacated.

Simon’s body was spinning volley in the carriage with great lightness, like a vigorous flea. He dropped the food and water on his hands, and lied on the walls of 西安耍耍网 the carriage with his hands and feet to accurately maintain his balance. .

He was injured by Joe at the Mask Cat Club, and his legs were broken by broken bronze frames.

Fortunately, although Simon’s car broke out of the rails, it did not roll over. Except for the car’s distortion, the specially reinforced car did not suffer much damage.

But as a felon suspected of treason, Simon’s injuries received excellent treatment. As 西安桑拿网 an imperial nobleman of superior origin, Simon has been trained in extraordinary medicine.

Like Joe, he had taken the Abyssal Mayfly potion.

Even, Simon had taken the advanced potion of Abyss Mayfly potion, the second-tier Demon Wing potion.

Devil’s wings, that is a legendary creature that is stronger and more magical than the abyss mayfly, with strong vitality.

The Demon Wing Potion gave Simon a powerful recovery ability. Along the way, although his injury had not fully recovered, it did not affect his normal actions.

The train overturned and the car rolled over. Several inspectors standing at the door awkwardly followed the tossing car, and involuntarily fell to the other end of the car.

In the tumbling carriage, Simon dexterously, like a fish swimming in the water, sprang out of 新西安夜网 the car door extremely