ssbow arrow. After nailing it to the trunk beside it, it flees from its original position quickly in fright. Its huge body moves on the canopy, and some branches and leaves fall.

But no matter how it escapes, a gap will 西安夜生活论坛 be exposed in those canopies, allowing us to clearly know where the giant spider is hiding.

After the second round of shooting, a crossbow arrow finally penetrated the body of the giant spider and nailed it to the tree.

In this way, we killed giant spiders one by one in the Black Forest in the Trom area.

These giant spiders are scattered in the forest and come out to forage. They wrap the catch in a white silk cocoon, and then inject a very corrosive solution into the silk cocoon to turn the material into a bubble of nutrient solution. , And then returned to the 新西安夜网 spider camp with this silk cocoon.

Occasionally we will meet the spider-man scout squad. Usually we will take a shortcut in advance to ambush them in front of these spider-man scouts. I originally thought that there are no spider-man 西安夜生活网 scouts in this forest, but now it seems that my thinking is very wrong. Yes, we usually don’t see these spider-man scouts. The main reason is that the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 dense woods obstruct our vision.

Now with the help of the ancient war tree, these spiderman warriors have nowhere to hide in the forest. After several communications and use spider legs as a threat, these barbarian slaves finally know how to catch some living spiderman warriors and giant spiders. Up.

The days of hunting in the plane of Yero were undoubtedly very happy. The seven days passed quickly. When we returned to the imperial capital, we returned to the outside of Tanton City and saw Tanton City from a distance. Catalina and Kalantuo were in a stone forest area, opened the portal and returned to Xinliu Valley, while the tauren Luka and Justus continued to stay in Tanton City, continued to join some adventure groups, and inquired about the spider camp. .

In this capture operation, we caught more than 30 giant 西安夜网论坛 spiders. After all


wet blond hair on his casual handsome head jerked himself. Leap, escaped a trench more than four meters wide, and stood on the dirt wall.

Afterwards, the Gubolai horses also crossed the trench and saw Guoguo sister again, and found that her magical power was almost exhausted, but all members of the wind chaser team were in good mental condition, although they all received some 新西安夜网 minor injuries, but It’s not serious. Almost everyone has a large bulging pocket on their horseback, which is full of chubby things and emits a stench.

Viru got off his horse and saw that Kurz and I were safe, with approving gazes in his eyes. He couldn’t walk to Kurz, hung a pot of feather arrows on his back, and quickly turned around. Standing on the dirt wall, he came and fired a scorching bow at the ten or so swamp corpse kings that had caught up outside the wall and shot wind spikes in turn.

The more than a dozen swamp corpse kings who lost their minds and rushed out of the corpse angrily hit arrows in their heads. The sharp arrows have powerful bursting power, and those wind spiked arrows easily penetrated the hard bones of the swamp corpse king. , They shot these dozens of corpse kings down one after another. After these rough-skinned swamp corpse kings got arrows 西安耍耍网 in their heads, they still stood up from the ground like dragons and tigers. At this time, their only elementary wisdom took effect. , They returned to the group of corpses in fear.

The tide of corpses outside the camp approached the camp again.

“Viru and I have been worrying about whether you two boys can cope with the death sickle attack, and rushed back as soon as possible, but it seems that you two boys handled it very well!” Jangbach was so wet and still unable to Covering up the stench, wearing heavy armor, making noises when walking.

Sister Guoguo held up a huge ball of water with one hand , and the ball of water floated on top of Jangbach’s head and burst open, and poured it on Jangbach’s body. More than a ton of water completely washed J


Going inside and said, “It’s not bad to take this opportunity to get out of the revenge organization, and if even my former colleagues can’t deceive me, how can I deceive Miriam?”

“Can’t let it go?” Nanjing 新西安夜网 Longfeng pressed down. sound.

“After all, many people died because of her betrayal.” Issachar sighed heavily, then strode past Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix and the others, and went straight to the stairs leading to the cabin.

Nanjing Longfeng and others came to the medical room with all the harvest. Zhang Chuqing, who had been on the ship, had been waiting for a long time. 西安夜网论坛

“Which one to start?” Big Ivan asked, turning his head.

“You come first” Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix arched their hands.

“Then I’m not welcome.”

Big Ivan grinned, then took out bamboo tubes wrapped in asphalt and placed them in the X-ray machine’s shooting area.

“I never thought you geniuses would use a medical X-ray machine to do this kind of thing” in the operating room, Zhang Chuqing murmured angrily.西安夜生活论坛 After urging everyone to leave, he immediately turned on the X-ray scan.

Soon after, Nanjing Longfeng and others gathered around, trying 西安夜生活网to distinguish the contents of the bamboo tube in the X-ray film.

“Undoubtedly, this must be a telescope.” Before Tai Iwan’s words fell, he reached out and picked up the corresponding bamboo tube, and roughly pried it open with the saber in his hand.

“As long as you are seen by an archaeologist, even if you are not beaten to death, you can definitely stay in bed for half a month.”

“So for my safety, don’t let the archaeologists join the club.” Big Ivan responded to Nanjing Longfeng’s ridicule with a smile on his face. At the same time, his hands didn’t stop at all, and he took out a copper tube from the split bamboo tube. Spotting telescope.

In addition 西安夜生活第一论坛网 to the telescope in this split bamboo tube, at one end there is a ten-centimeter long, tightly jammed linen bag. In the gap between this small bag and the end of the bamboo tube, there are also ten pieces still shining gol


e sand dunes.

Although it was 西安夜生活论坛 a false alarm, it was quite rewarding for Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix. In any case, this new feature of the bracelet is definitely against the sky. With such an early warning radar with a radius of 10 kilometers, whether it is him or the entire club team, the security will increase a lot invisibly.

And most importantly, this is also the first feature that the bracelet can provide that does not require a map! These Xu changes are of extraordinary significance, and at the same time make Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix more curious about the origin of this bracelet.

He originally 西安耍耍网 thought that after the little dragon was completely red, he might be able to unlock the secret of the bracelet, but he didn’t expect that the surprise would come with more puzzles.

Strolling to the new camp that has moved a few hundred 西安桑拿网 meters away, everyone returned to the RV, without even taking off their clothes. They found a place to fall asleep and waited patiently for the dangerous militants to return. .

If it weren’t for this campsite surrounded by mountains on three sides, only one-third of it had been explored. If it hadn’t been for the Tuareg people to bury their pickup trucks nearby, they might have escaped far away.

Half asleep and half awake, the sting of the left eye awakened Nanjing Longfeng again. In the map view, the arrow was approaching them from the southeast direction a little bit. It’s just that compared to the last time, the speed of these axe weapons is significantly slower.

I waited quietly for a full two minutes. When the red arrow was nine kilometers away from him, Nanjing Longfeng turned over from the sofa and sat up, grabbed the rifle placed on the table and walked out.

Going back to the sand dune with a deep kick and a shallow kick, Asak and a Tuareg 西安夜生活第一论坛网 wearing a black mask are hiding in the shadow of the dune and observing the surrounding situation, while the salted fish is holding the radar monitor screen half Lying in the sand and staring at it for a moment.


ind, only the words of this mysterious young man kept echoing!

At this time, Vasco felt cold all over, as if hiding in the ice that has never changed forever in the far north. It was a lifetime of fear and unforgettable cold.

He collapsed directly on the roof of the church, 西安夜生活网 his face as gray as death.

Below, a pair of gazes hidden in the shadows witnessed all of this, and at this time a shocked clown knight appeared.

At the moment when he planned to hide deeper, he saw the young man on the roof, looking down as if intentionally or unintentionally, and suddenly his whole body stiffened.

This guy is ten times more terrifying than Farrell!!

Chapter 327 The mad priest,



This is the only command that the brain gives to Dagonite at this moment. Even before this command reaches the area of ??understanding in his brain, his body has already made it. The reaction! A

black shadow shot out from the will at this instant at a terrifying speed, instantly authenticating the edge of the dark curtain of the fallen force field!

There seemed to be a big terror following behind him, and the feeling of suffocation spread over the pair. His eyes seemed to expand indefinitely behind him!

Finally, Dagonite broke through the curtain of darkness and reached the curtain of darkness on the street outside the church. It seemed that he could only react to those with holy power.

On the street, it was silent at this moment, but it was not that no one but the ordinary humans around had fallen 西安夜生活论坛 into a coma because of the appearance of the dark curtain.

Dagoni gasped for breath, penetrated the dark scene, the feeling of great terror subsided, he looked at his trembling palm in panic.

The armor of the twelve knights on his body, which was created by the power of the elves, the inheritance armor that was the crystallization of the divine power of the ancient Celtic kingdom, at this moment actually collapsed and cracked. 西安耍耍网

Dagonite suddenly leaned against the wall of the courtyard of the house, and slumped



“Although very reluctant, this is indeed the truth.” Kaledi shook his head, with a hint of resentment on his face: “I don’t know why he, as the owner of the castle, wants to deal with you as the castle gardener, but don’t Blame me, because I can’t help myself now, I can only follow orders. If I can, I even 西安夜生活第一论坛网 hope that the next arrow I shoot can penetrate the body of the castle owner.” The

longbow was raised, and the arm began to pull the bowstring. , Cadile said furiously at this moment: “I am going to shoot this arrow at your shoulder!”

Mr. Snape was taken aback, but he reacted in an instant, and then his shoulders suddenly shrank and threatened. The arrow shot flew past his skin.

Although he missed the shot, it deepened the poisonous damage. In shock, Snape quickly opened a few bags and gulped down the mountain herbs he made.

“It’s a fateful guy.” Cadile said with a sneer at this time: “However, I will never let you have the opportunity to leave the range of my action limit. After all, my current action limit is only within this range. your vote is to be the main point of the Royal before my royal Lord! so I’ll Royal before your main investment point, you shot me 西安耍耍网 the arrows will penetrate your heart! ”

Si Neifu The husband couldn’t help but roll again in an old donkey posture, avoiding the arrow that was shot at the heart, he got up, grabbed a handful of soil, and mixed some herbal powder from the road and sprinkled it.

The magic is that the sprinkled 西安夜网论坛 mud and powder mixed things, unexpectedly began to produce a large amount of gray-white smoke, which suddenly enveloped the surroundings.

When the smoke dissipated, the arrow shot by Kadilai at this time was nothing more than a piece of withered Mr. Neff, which was gone.

Cadile lowered the black longbow at this time, and at the same time, a voice rang in his ear.

“You let him escape.”

This is obviously the voice of Mr. Wali, who is the master, quite calm.

“He reacted quickly, as if he could predict the danger.” Cadile said coldl


ack I have just was not missing something?”

Black: “It’s like, ah white”

white man: “! FML I Juggernaut benefactor sent packing ??”

Black: “is”

the day of horse When landing, everyone around the small lake in Houshan looked up, but the golden light of Tianma was so strong that these newcomer players couldn’t open their eyes at all, and they flashed blind.

西安桑拿网 Newcomer players, at this time, they can only look at the platform in the middle of the lake across the shore, not knowing what happened.

The heart of the lake.

Qianxiu and the other two jumped down directly, only to see one person sitting quietly at the edge of the platform, holding a fishing rod, and the surroundings were so quiet that people could subconsciously calm down.

“Benefactor!” Qian Xiu whispered.

The fish mark on the calm lake 西安夜网论坛 suddenly swayed. Boss Luo looked back and saw that it was the Lan brothers and sisters. He was a little surprised and a little surprised, so he said casually, “It’s you guys.

It’s been a long time.” “It’s really you! Benefactor!” Qianxiu and Qianyu Xianrou held hands and walked quickly, “Finally see you again, benefactor!”

Boss Luo was rather curious and said: “Benefactor?”

Qianxiu glanced at his wife, and then clicked. Head, sternly said: “Yes, benefactor, do you remember the task you assigned to us at the beginning?”

Boss Luo nodded as if there was such a thing.

Qianxiu continued: “Because of this mission, we got a map, and because of this map, we broke into a mysterious room where we got the most precious thing in this life.” With

that, Qianyu Slim and soft held a crystal in 新西安夜网both hands, and slowly placed it on the ground to shine, and a small figure could be vaguely seen in the crystal.

It is a child in a baby state.

Qianyu Xianrou said softly at this time: “This kid is a drawing we got after killing the boss in that room. It was created using data from me and Qianxiu. This is for me and Qian. For Xiu, it is the most precious gift, so thank you.”

The two strongest couples in t


almost the same the first 西安夜生活网time I saw him on the train, but the Song family was quietly different because of his arrival.

“I…I will recover as soon as possible.” Gan Hong said sternly.

Luo Qiu just smiled, did not say anything, just said before leaving: Goodbye.

The helicopter rose slowly into the air.

Song Er patted Gan Hong’s shoulder at this moment, and said gently: “If you want to catch up, get well soon. Can you catch up?西安夜生活论坛 I have brought so many students, and it is a woman who can persist. Not much, and you are the best among the few.”

Gan Hong nodded towards Song Er.

Song Er suddenly said at this time: “In fact, when the master said that he would give you to the new Master Sun, I was opposed to it, and I was even a little worried.

Take off the young master’s side.” “Second instructor, I don’t 西安夜生活第一论坛网 understand what you mean.” Gan Hong frowned.

Song Er cold said: “This is the idea of ??the young and old? The young and old love to do this kind of things. Did he tell you that if you can climb on the bedside of this young master, then you have been burdened for more than ten years. Qiu has hope?”

Gan Hong’s expression became slightly stiff.

Song Er shook his head at this time and said: “But now it seems that 新西安夜网 the path you chose is not going. Although I don’t know how to look like a blind man, I can roughly see how a person is. Climbing onto this young master Qiu’s bed, it’s a question of whether he can get close to him. This young master Qiu seems humble, but he is actually more ruthless than anyone else.”

“Second instructor, I… I don’t think so.” Gan Hong shook his head.

Song Er said: “I 西安耍耍网 said he is ruthless, not the kind of cold and ruthless, how can I put it”

Song Er frowned, “If you insist on saying it, I am afraid that it will be described as being too unforgiving. But how can one abandon the seven emotions and six desires and be too unforgiving? That is the realm of a true saint, so this kind of ruthlessness I’m afraid I still have to think about it. Well, it always fe


oon, slowly stood up from the charred black object.

This man had a look similar to that of the rebirth consciousness in the cave, but the one in front of him was obviously upright and young.

A chaotic breath slowly radiated out Luo Qiu saw many different lights in the man’s 西安夜生活网 eyes, and his pupils also seemed to converge continuously, and then burst into bubbles, extremely complicated, like a kaleidoscope.

But obviously, his riots have been well suppressed by the cave guy who said that the other way of consciousness is the gathering of countless prayers, hopes, and hatreds of sacrifices of the thirteen clans over the years. .

It’s kind of like it happened during the Taishan incident.

And it usually sleeps more.

To make those messy consciousnesses pure through the way of sleeping. Because it contains too many consciousness constituent materials, this consciousness born from the rituals of the thirteen clans is like a person, splitting many personalities, and These personalities are in a sober state all the time.

Of course, only the instincts of being a vampire 西安夜网论坛 are common. Probably only when they eat, it…or they will become quieter.

However, it has become quieter now, probably because it has felt the threat of death. Therefore, those chaotic and incompletely unified consciousnesses will have an unprecedented tacit understanding under this huge danger.

“Who are you?” As

he calmed down, his voice seemed to be a superposition of multiple voice lines, from male to female voices.

Luo Qiu smiled and said: “It seems that I can talk more smoothly now, do you remember what I said before.”

The other party frowned, his eyes released extremely jealous, and at the same time frowned: “You guys, is that guy invited to deal with me?”

“Actually, I don’t plan to do this.” Luo Qiu shook his head. For you, you have more powerful and right dominance than it, 新西安夜网 and it just intends to break away from all of this. In fact, perhaps you can only see two parallel lines.” The

other party sneered, “That guy


nt from each other. . Maybe 西安夜生活论坛it would be better to change a syllable.

Next, the Ether Ball proved with silence: changing the syllable will not be better.

“Oh oh oh!!!”

“Ah oh!!!”


No matter what Ye Qingxuan tried, the ether ball still didn’t respond. In the end, Ye Qingxuan, who had a sore throat, couldn’t help but slam the pamphlet in his hand to the ground: “Did you make a mistake?! What is this? Ghost!”

Ye Qingxuan glared at the etheric ball, as if to see a flower, but no matter how he stared, the crystal ball 西安夜生活网 remained motionless and didn’t give any reaction at all.

“Is it broken?”

He shook a bit, trying to make sure, but at that moment, the etheric ball lit up.


Like the light of fireflies, the flash in the etheric sphere faintly lit up and then went out, like 西安夜网论坛 silver powder floating in the liquid. Immediately afterwards, countless flashes appeared like stars, flashing irregularly, illuminating Ye Qingxuan’s stunned face.

“What’s going on?”

He looked around in astonishment, and a strange smell came from the wind.

Faint laughter sounded from a distance.

Something is coming.

Chapter 31 I have started to practice

“Hehehe, you come after me~” It’s

like a certain neuropathy is playing a game while holding his throat.

In the thick night, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 someone rushed and twisted strangely on the street under the moonlight of the silver moon.

Ye Qingxuan swore that he had never seen such a majestic scene in his seventeen years.

Under the silver moonlight, the man with the messy chicken coop squeezed his throat and smiled, twisting his butt and rushing across the street. A night breeze blew and lifted the only shirt on his body, revealing his heroism. Big pants.

Every time he runs barefoot and laughs, the ether ball will emit a flash of light in response to the scene.西安桑拿网


After a burst of laughter like a broken gong, he ran away from the street.

Ye Qingxuan stared at the ether ball blankly:

“That’s okay?!”

Before the words came out, the henhouse head neuropathy rushed back with