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ns and fewer forks to build the palace. Next, the ancient witches will successively move the carriers, documents and the body of the God’s Punishment Army to the new settlement, and finally it will be the turn of the Scourge instrument and the god’s relic. The one who was most positive about the relocation was a witch named Fran, or devouring worms. She opened her mouth wide and twisted her chubby body to squeeze in front of the phantom instrument. When she thanked Roland excitedly, he was really taken aback. Later, after Pasha explained, the witches who devoted themselves to the carrier could no longer be deposited in the samurai of God’s Punishment. Their perception and consciousness were consolidated with the new body. The advantage is that it does not require long practice to use the carrier. The disadvantage is Once the body is damaged, they have no spare carrier to replace. As expected, if this joining method is not adopted, the witch will not be able to move the carrier for a lifetime of practice. How can a person who is accustomed to four limbs and ten fingers control the limbs that have countless tentacles, or that stretch forward like a worm? On the contrary, once adapted to this peculiar carrier, it is estimated that there is no way Back to the previous lifestyle. Because swallowing worms requires a lot of food to support, when not in use, the ancient witch had to transfer Fran into the soul container again, and put her into eternal sleep. This is obviously not a good experience. It can be said that she sacrificed her future for the continuation of the Taqila ethnic group, which is more heavy than the price paid by Pasha and Elja who transformed into the original carrier. At least the latter can watch the world all the time and feel the changes and changes in the outside world. From this, she can also imagine her gratitude to Roland. The key is that he once boasted about going to Haikou, saying that there is endless work waiting for Fran in Neverwinter City, which means that he has to spend a lot of fo