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ow much resources they occupy. The weapons and ammunition carried by the Musketeer Battalion can be carried by a soldier alone, but if the Artillery Battalion does not have the help of the witch named Hummingbird, they will not even be able to transport the food to the desert. More than a dozen carriages, which carried more than half of the weight of shells and machine gun shells, were a large wooden box with only two howitzers inside. If you follow the artillery fire drill and don’t need it for half an hour, the two fortress cannons can beat all the ammunition they carry, and then you can only stare at one side. Although Danny admitted that the exercise demonstrated incomparable power, he always felt that every shot was shot with a golden dragon, and the group of people regarded this power as their own strength, and they simply didn’t know how to do it. . Without the support of your majesty’s wealthy treasury, they only eat dirt in front of the musket camp, so they are afraid of breaking up the enemy is just a good idea. In the final analysis, they don’t want to keep some inventory to prevent accidents. After all, it might be a week or two before the new recruits opened the oasis supply line and delivered new ammunition. When the fire at the forefront entered the ambush circle of the First Army, Danny brought the cross look into his eyes. The wind is northerly and stronger. The target is about 700 meters. Thank you. You’re welcome. He muttered alone, placing his finger on the trigger. Taking into account that the accuracy of the night battle will be greatly reduced, this time he did not leave the position too far, and chose to shoot head-on so that even if the enemy is riding a horse fast forward, the range of vision will not be too large. The sand people are not bad at horse warfare. At first, they were scattered with fire. When they charge, they have become a neat front line. The sound of horses’ hoofs was uniform, like drums that were gradually accelerating. At the same time, they dropped their torches and pu