to the opponent. The main force of the legion asked us to stand by. When they arrived, it was said that they were going to attack Winter City. Bedrick took out his money bag and counted ten gold coins and put them on. This is the magic stone money that he said yesterday. What I want is the letter brought back by Faith Falcon! Richard stuffed the gold coin into his pocket with a black line on his face. Bedrick quickly looked down and searched, embarrassed. After a while, Lord Lord took the scroll and scanned it again, and the general content was basically the same as what Bedrick said earlier. Not only the Dragon Claw Legion, but the entire Pompeii Expeditionary Force is gathering the main force to attack Winter City. Winter City-This name was very impressive to Richard, and he still remembered clearly that Dracula accidentally discovered a ring of sky and thunder left over from the age of Titans. She was staying in the home of a high-ranking nobleman named Magellan in Winter City, collecting it as an ordinary antique. how much is it. Richard stood up and found out his purse. The old man of the stall suddenly became very entangled. According to his heart, as long as he could send these two special guests away, it didn’t matter if he didn’t charge any money. But I was worried that doing so would anger them. Finally said cautiously: Five coppers? Richard flicked out a gold coin and dropped it into the money basket without looking back when he left. The One Hundred and Fortieth Zhang Huishi Winter City is the most important city in the northwest of the Stuart Kingdom, with nearly one million residents and tens of thousands of elite garrisons. The long-run fortifications are very strong, and the prosperous market has attracted many mages to settle down. Siege has always been a tough job, not the same thing as in small towns like Chaksh. To attack a big city like Winter City, the minimum requirement is to have absolute initiative in the surrounding area, to have a sufficient understanding of the enemy’s m