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off to the west of the West. Roland stood by the dock and watched the cement ship carrying everyone slowly leave the dock. This inspection can be regarded as the most complicated operation ever. The First Army, the Witch League and the Taqila Witch will cooperate with each other to thoroughly search the Daxue Mountain. If all goes well, they will arrive at the source of the Chishui River in three days and then choose a leeward port to set up their camp. At that time, the vanguard troops will use Maggie’s magic ark to find the location of the ruins, and then Fran, who controls the devouring worms, will open a channel on the mountain wall for large troops to enter. This plan was almost like a burial cave created by Captain Jin Jin to sneak into the tomb left by the ancestors. Roland was curious about the possible civilization relics in the Snow Mountain. It’s a pity that since the last time the devil threw a spear through his chest, Wendy and Shuju did not agree to the idea of ??going together. Of course, this does not mean that the expedition team will lower their alert level. Considering that there may be invisible evil beasts that have appeared in the hidden forest near the snow-capped mountains, Roland also sent Nightingale out. After all, once the team dragged on for a long time, Sylvie would not be able to see the whole team by himself, especially in the case of separate actions. Taqila also took out the last three colorful magic stones to detect any unit with magic power. According to Pasha, as long as they have magical powers, a beam of light will definitely appear on the top of their heads. Devil and mixed-species evil beasts are no exception, but their beams of light are extremely small. Fifty divine punishment witches, five hundred soldiers of the First Army, plus a large number of high-level awakeners, this power is absolutely invincible on the mainland. If everyone can return smoothly from this operation, it will undoubtedly lay the foundation for future mixed operations among ordinary people, extraord