wet blond hair on his casual handsome head jerked himself. Leap, escaped a trench more than four meters wide, and stood on the dirt wall.

Afterwards, the Gubolai horses also crossed the trench and saw Guoguo sister again, and found that her magical power was almost exhausted, but all members of the wind chaser team were in good mental condition, although they all received some 新西安夜网 minor injuries, but It’s not serious. Almost everyone has a large bulging pocket on their horseback, which is full of chubby things and emits a stench.

Viru got off his horse and saw that Kurz and I were safe, with approving gazes in his eyes. He couldn’t walk to Kurz, hung a pot of feather arrows on his back, and quickly turned around. Standing on the dirt wall, he came and fired a scorching bow at the ten or so swamp corpse kings that had caught up outside the wall and shot wind spikes in turn.

The more than a dozen swamp corpse kings who lost their minds and rushed out of the corpse angrily hit arrows in their heads. The sharp arrows have powerful bursting power, and those wind spiked arrows easily penetrated the hard bones of the swamp corpse king. , They shot these dozens of corpse kings down one after another. After these rough-skinned swamp corpse kings got arrows 西安耍耍网 in their heads, they still stood up from the ground like dragons and tigers. At this time, their only elementary wisdom took effect. , They returned to the group of corpses in fear.

The tide of corpses outside the camp approached the camp again.

“Viru and I have been worrying about whether you two boys can cope with the death sickle attack, and rushed back as soon as possible, but it seems that you two boys handled it very well!” Jangbach was so wet and still unable to Covering up the stench, wearing heavy armor, making noises when walking.

Sister Guoguo held up a huge ball of water with one hand , and the ball of water floated on top of Jangbach’s head and burst open, and poured it on Jangbach’s body. More than a ton of water completely washed J


uely see a daisy Like impressions.


“You mean the treasure is here?!” Jia Ya couldn’t help exclaiming.

“The status of chrysanthemums in Japan’s own country is very special and noble, and they are basically 16-petal chrysanthemums.”

Nanjing Longfeng first showed off the knowledge he had learned during the recent research, and then continued, “You don’t feel surprised Is it? The role of the password paper itself is to convey information 西安夜生活第一论坛网concealedly. If it does not have a special meaning, how can it be printed with the chrysanthemum Peugeot of Japan’s own country?”

Big Ivan put the dinner plate in his hand On the conference table, there was a duck neck that had been eaten halfway in his mouth. With greasy fingers, he opened the password paper on the screen and glanced at the location covered by chrysanthemums. On the map photo, there was 西安夜生活论坛nothing at all here. Pin.

“Brunei?” The

Great Ivan said the name of the place in surprise, then opened the satellite map quickly and circled the approximate area covered by the chrysanthemum, “This disgusting little chrysanthemum almost covers the entire Baliba Banhai Bay and large tracts of virgin forest.”

“In 1942, Japan occupied this place. Not only was it the main throat for maritime traffic,西安夜生活网 but the strategic materials such as petroleum, rubber, and coal mines produced here were also Japan’s own. According to historical facts, the war supplies urgently needed by the country, it is indeed possible that there are treasures buried here.”

Good family education allows Nasha to act elegantly and decently even if she talks and eats. At the same time, she is probably in Jiaya’s eyes. The only normal 西安桑拿网 person on the boat with decent behavior.

Thinking of this, Jia Ya proactively said, “Our group has oil in Balikpapan.”

But before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix. The latter stuffed a piece of soft braised pork into her mouth, then bit a big steamed bun viciously, and said vaguely, “Actually, the location Maybe it c


, hitting the beam of the searchlight on the bridge glass.

In the bridge illuminated by the strong light, Elena manipulates the fire control 西安夜生活第一论坛网 switch of the naval gun, waiting for the captain or Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix to fire at any time.

“Just forget it.” Big Ivan put on sunglasses and said impatiently at the two flies outside the ship.

“Don’t worry, first see what the other party wants to do.” Nanjing Longfeng didn’t panic at all, quietly waiting for the other party’s actions.

Before long, the circling helicopter directly turned on 西安夜网论坛 the broadcast, and even used Chinese intimately, and the content was simply, “Stop and turn off the engine.”

“They are preparing to board the ship,” the experienced Captain Miao affirmed, but Regardless of his expression or tone, he was not worried at all.

“Do as they say” Nanjing Longfeng waved his hand carelessly, and shouted without looking back, “Elena, Ono, ready to fight another fight!”

Chapter 373

The roar of the Yi million propeller enveloped Looking at the icebreaker Pingtou, one of the helicopters landed on the apron deck accurately after the Pingtou was completely stopped, while the other helicopter was still hovering in front of the icebreaker and illuminated the bridge with searchlights. Such as day.


Regardless of the people inside the bridge, the salted fish and the 西安耍耍网 Nenets sailors hidden in the helicopter library, the orders issued by Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix sounded in everyone’s headphones.

Liu Xiaoye, who was in charge of the radar, immediately pressed the lock button. Under the curtain propped up by the bow deck fairing, the AK176 naval gun, which had been ready for launch, turned on its own under the guidance of the fire control radar and quickly aimed at the hovering 西安桑拿网 frame. The “high beam dog” right in front of the icebreaker!

After a difference of less than two seconds, Elena did not hesitate to depress the fire control switch, and the high pressure of the naval gun’s muzzle instantly tore the camouflage curtain, a


e same for two hours a day.

But Gan Hong feels that her body can be eaten even though she is very tired now, but it is actually much easier than when she was training 西安夜生活网 in the school.

The special classes in the school have not only a high elimination rate, but also a low mortality rate.

And the extent of this kind of rehabilitation training is just this level,

“it’s almost the same, it should be hydrated.”


Gan Hong suddenly raised his head and saw Luo Qiu walking towards him with a splash of water.

Gan Hong was stunned and said: “Master Qiu”

“Drink some water first, you sweat 西安夜生活论坛 too much.” Luo Qiu unscrewed the cover of the cock and sent it to Gan Hong.

Luo Qiu did this, Gan Hong has no reason to refuse, “Thank you, Master Qiu.”

Luo Qiu shook his head and said, “When you were in the cold house, didn’t you pour me water many times? It’s nothing.”

“It’s different.” Gan Hong shook his head, “I was given to you by my father . It is nothing to do little things.”

Luo Qiu smiled and asked, “Doctor. How do you say it?”

Gan 新西安夜网 Hong said : “As long as you do more training, you will basically be able to recover completely. It will have little effect on your future athletic ability, but the flexibility may be a little worse.” When

talking about flexibility, Gan Hong’s face has Some sadly thought that before she was injured, her body’s flexibility should be very good.


“By the way, is this where you were injured?” Luo Qiu suddenly reached out and pressed Gan Hong’s back, with very light intensity, as if touching.

“No, go down a bit.” Gan Hong shook his head.

If you go further down, you will reach the position of the tail keel, which is almost the position of the hip.

Luo Qiu didn’t touch it this time, but just glanced sideways, “This position, that thing can really hit.”

Gan Hong shook his head and smiled 西安桑拿网 bitterly: “In that case, it would be lucky to be able to save his life, at least I. There is also a chance to stand up and walk.”

Luo Qiu nodded and said, “Optimism is a good


Going inside and said, “It’s not bad to take this opportunity to get out of the revenge organization, and if even my former colleagues can’t deceive me, how can I deceive Miriam?”

“Can’t let it go?” Nanjing 新西安夜网 Longfeng pressed down. sound.

“After all, many people died because of her betrayal.” Issachar sighed heavily, then strode past Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix and the others, and went straight to the stairs leading to the cabin.

Nanjing Longfeng and others came to the medical room with all the harvest. Zhang Chuqing, who had been on the ship, had been waiting for a long time. 西安夜网论坛

“Which one to start?” Big Ivan asked, turning his head.

“You come first” Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix arched their hands.

“Then I’m not welcome.”

Big Ivan grinned, then took out bamboo tubes wrapped in asphalt and placed them in the X-ray machine’s shooting area.

“I never thought you geniuses would use a medical X-ray machine to do this kind of thing” in the operating room, Zhang Chuqing murmured angrily.西安夜生活论坛 After urging everyone to leave, he immediately turned on the X-ray scan.

Soon after, Nanjing Longfeng and others gathered around, trying 西安夜生活网to distinguish the contents of the bamboo tube in the X-ray film.

“Undoubtedly, this must be a telescope.” Before Tai Iwan’s words fell, he reached out and picked up the corresponding bamboo tube, and roughly pried it open with the saber in his hand.

“As long as you are seen by an archaeologist, even if you are not beaten to death, you can definitely stay in bed for half a month.”

“So for my safety, don’t let the archaeologists join the club.” Big Ivan responded to Nanjing Longfeng’s ridicule with a smile on his face. At the same time, his hands didn’t stop at all, and he took out a copper tube from the split bamboo tube. Spotting telescope.

In addition 西安夜生活第一论坛网 to the telescope in this split bamboo tube, at one end there is a ten-centimeter long, tightly jammed linen bag. In the gap between this small bag and the end of the bamboo tube, there are also ten pieces still shining gol


ed for 西安耍耍网 the whole night went back to their rooms, and those who had fallen asleep early last night got up to take over the guard duty. Although the tank that was originally used to block the road on the hillside has been driven back to the back mountain, the 88mm gun at the entrance of the radar station lowered its muzzle and faced the winding road. In the sleepy wait of Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix, until near noon, Issachar, wearing a big red Tang suit, finally drove an off-road vehicle and drove over to take credit. “Happy New Year, Nanjing Brothers Dragon and Phoenix, I wish you good luck in the new year.” Issakya’s fist was holding a paper folding fan that I didn’t know where he got.

“No matter how good auspicious words are, there is no lucky money” Nanjing Longfeng teased, pretending to be grateful, “Thank you last night, did you catch those fragile?” “The two most important people ran away” Issachar said Here I sighed regretfully, “We didn’t help much, mainly because the person you arranged played a role.”

The person I arranged? Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix looks weird, he arranged for a fart! Just when the donkey lips of the two people were not right, the helicopter roared from far to near, and finally stopped slowly on the 西安桑拿网 mountainside platform.

Chapter 491 ran under the eyelids,

“Have you come here to pay a New Year greeting?” Nanjing Longfeng asked with a smile looking at the salted fish coming off the helicopter.

“I’m here to pay New Year’s greetings, but it’s not the one who came with me.” The

salted fish raised his thumb and gestured to Yefim, who was coming out of the cabin behind him . ” They were the ones who helped last night. Come here for good. a. ” ”

they? ”

Nanjing Dragon eyebrows, looked at the smiling came to Efim panda and the code of brawny, implied towards Issachar slightly shook his head, smiling greeted.

“Happy new year, congratulations on getting rich.” The panda said with a grin.

“Thank you for what happened last night.” Nanjing Longfeng asked the crowd a


e sand dunes.

Although it was 西安夜生活论坛 a false alarm, it was quite rewarding for Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix. In any case, this new feature of the bracelet is definitely against the sky. With such an early warning radar with a radius of 10 kilometers, whether it is him or the entire club team, the security will increase a lot invisibly.

And most importantly, this is also the first feature that the bracelet can provide that does not require a map! These Xu changes are of extraordinary significance, and at the same time make Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix more curious about the origin of this bracelet.

He originally 西安耍耍网 thought that after the little dragon was completely red, he might be able to unlock the secret of the bracelet, but he didn’t expect that the surprise would come with more puzzles.

Strolling to the new camp that has moved a few hundred 西安桑拿网 meters away, everyone returned to the RV, without even taking off their clothes. They found a place to fall asleep and waited patiently for the dangerous militants to return. .

If it weren’t for this campsite surrounded by mountains on three sides, only one-third of it had been explored. If it hadn’t been for the Tuareg people to bury their pickup trucks nearby, they might have escaped far away.

Half asleep and half awake, the sting of the left eye awakened Nanjing Longfeng again. In the map view, the arrow was approaching them from the southeast direction a little bit. It’s just that compared to the last time, the speed of these axe weapons is significantly slower.

I waited quietly for a full two minutes. When the red arrow was nine kilometers away from him, Nanjing Longfeng turned over from the sofa and sat up, grabbed the rifle placed on the table and walked out.

Going back to the sand dune with a deep kick and a shallow kick, Asak and a Tuareg 西安夜生活第一论坛网 wearing a black mask are hiding in the shadow of the dune and observing the surrounding situation, while the salted fish is holding the radar monitor screen half Lying in the sand and staring at it for a moment.


et covered the outline of the car.

The medical vehicle was a bit crowded because the bodies on both sides were not unfolded. Big Ivan was finally willing to make a long story short, “According to the train schedule I found, there are three freight trains passing by the railway line behind me every night but they don’t stop. The times are At 10:30, 1:50, and 4:05 in the evening, ten minutes before and after these three time points, we must be careful not to be caught.”

“What about during the day?” Nanjing Longfeng asked.

“At eight o’clock in the morning, a passenger train stopped at a railway station two kilometers away for about ten minutes. At six o’clock in the afternoon, there was also a passenger train, but the parking time was half an hour.” Big Ivan said to the information recorded in his 新西安夜网 notebook. .

Make sure everyone remembers the time and set the alarm clock on their mobile phones. Nanjing Longfeng said, “It’s less than an hour before half past ten. Everyone should take a short break. After the freight train has passed, we will Find a way out on the wasteland and try to drive the two cars to the edge of the forest opposite the wasteland before dawn.”

“The map 西安夜网论坛 shows that the area of ??this wasteland is not small, it is 400 meters wide,” said the salted fish, licking the teeth.

“This 400 meters shouldn’t be too much trouble,” Big Ivan pointed out the window and said, “This looks a lot like an abandoned logging camp. When I just drove over, I seemed to see piles of logs.”

“It seems the earliest. It should not be the digger who found explosives here, but the lumberjacks.” Nanjing Longfeng clapped his hands and ended the topic, “Leizi, you and Ono can go to rest, we rough men are here. ”

Thank you boss!”

Liu Xiaoye said happily. This medical vehicle is now used by Xianyu and Assak, but before that, she and Elena lived in this vehicle for a long time. Time.

Just an hour later, amidst a quake of “besides”, a freight train sounded its air horn from afar, and with 西安夜生活网 more than fif


ind, only the words of this mysterious young man kept echoing!

At this time, Vasco felt cold all over, as if hiding in the ice that has never changed forever in the far north. It was a lifetime of fear and unforgettable cold.

He collapsed directly on the roof of the church, 西安夜生活网 his face as gray as death.

Below, a pair of gazes hidden in the shadows witnessed all of this, and at this time a shocked clown knight appeared.

At the moment when he planned to hide deeper, he saw the young man on the roof, looking down as if intentionally or unintentionally, and suddenly his whole body stiffened.

This guy is ten times more terrifying than Farrell!!

Chapter 327 The mad priest,



This is the only command that the brain gives to Dagonite at this moment. Even before this command reaches the area of ??understanding in his brain, his body has already made it. The reaction! A

black shadow shot out from the will at this instant at a terrifying speed, instantly authenticating the edge of the dark curtain of the fallen force field!

There seemed to be a big terror following behind him, and the feeling of suffocation spread over the pair. His eyes seemed to expand indefinitely behind him!

Finally, Dagonite broke through the curtain of darkness and reached the curtain of darkness on the street outside the church. It seemed that he could only react to those with holy power.

On the street, it was silent at this moment, but it was not that no one but the ordinary humans around had fallen 西安夜生活论坛 into a coma because of the appearance of the dark curtain.

Dagoni gasped for breath, penetrated the dark scene, the feeling of great terror subsided, he looked at his trembling palm in panic.

The armor of the twelve knights on his body, which was created by the power of the elves, the inheritance armor that was the crystallization of the divine power of the ancient Celtic kingdom, at this moment actually collapsed and cracked. 西安耍耍网

Dagonite suddenly leaned against the wall of the courtyard of the house, and slumped


u really don’t look very smart.” Butler Sa gave an affirmative answer: “Well, since I told you to go, then go to the forest first. Maybe there is really any purpose.”

Outside the chessboard, Butler Lysa looked at the various slaves on the board. The player’s card, the follower card, at this time seems to have started to approach the past consciously 新西安夜网 or unconsciously.

Did something really happen?

But I really can’t remember. Mr. Butler was a little puzzled, then grabbed the function card in the preparation area and looked at it. Speaking of which, what function card do I have?

“It seems that everyone wants to go to this place.”

Mr. Valli looked at the whole situation, whether it was SNeff, the gardener who was the most difficult to open, or the maid who had just instigated his maid, they all deliberately stepped into it at this time.

As for him, he didn’t directly instruct him, but he had obviously figured out his own mind. Therefore, Chef Nelson, who was planning to make a move, also began to drive the followers to advance.

He felt that when they met in the area, there must be a fierce battle. This seemed to be a good 西安桑拿网 opportunity for harvesting. As the saying goes, two tigers and two tigers, one will always overwhelm the other and then get injured.

“Then I’m going to join in the fun.” With

that said, Mr. Vali’s action point was instantly cleared, and Kaledi, as his servant, could only be driven to act with resentment at this moment.

But Miss Gong Linna didn’t know why. It seemed that her follower had fallen into a stasis since she was resurrected in situ. This stillness had already passed three rounds.

She still seemed to choose to stagnate or that this round, she could still only stagnate, but Miss Gong Linna did not see a trace of anxiety on her face. She just said she was thirsty, and asked Tiff, who was a maid, to make some blood tea for herself.


The twins’ sister, Tiff, quickly walked aside and brought back tea sets after a while and offered blood black t