he soft fingers pinched on Benitez’s waist, and answered sweetly.

Hogwarts, who has hundreds of house elves In terms of basic catering, it can be said that almost all schools in 西安夜生活论坛 the same period are slapped.

Without discussing cuisine and methods, just talking about the degree of exquisiteness, compared to Elena and her pure self-sufficient family breakfast mode, it is naturally rich and luxurious I don’t know how many times.

Now that the school’s orphan grant has been rejected by a stubborn uncle, at least this free breakfast Elena will not let go.

“But, Professor Dumbledore, you don’t 西安夜生活第一论坛网 seem to have Bring

something to eat?” The little silver-haired Lolita bounced out of the kitchen, looking at the old wizard with empty hands, her face collapsed instantly, and she frowned in confusion.

Although I don’t know how far Hogwarts is from the town of Lars, Elena can be sure that if Dumbledore still uses the same flying curse, it must be unrealistic.

“I can’t help it. The 新西安夜网 food was conjured out of thin air, and another person was preparing breakfast.”

Dumbledore smiled slightly, raised his wand and waved it in the air, Elena vaguely saw a light translucent ripple across the sky. The

next moment, a A house elf with big eyes and big ears appeared in the open space in front of the kitchen.

“Hello, Miss Elena, I am very glad to see you again. House elf Burley is happy to help you.” 西安桑拿网 It

happened to be the lead yesterday . I took Elena to visit Burley the house elf at Hogwarts for an afternoon.

“Oh, my God, is this the legendary fairy? I didn’t expect it to exist!”

At this moment, Benitez happened to I also walked out of the kitchen door together, looking at Burley standing among the three with a surprised look.

Hearing the sound behind, Elena suddenly 西安夜生活第一论坛网 reacted, not at Hogwarts now, this is located in the small town of Lars An ordinary Muggle orphanage in.

“Oh my God, Professor Dumbledore, don’t you worry about the International Secrecy Act? You know, there are ordinary people every


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Chapter 293 The Queen of Breakfast (Thanks The leader of “Maomao loving”)

“Listen, bread is gold. It can create more happiness, not just make 西安夜生活网 people live.”


“A spoonful of jam, sour and sweet balance is enough The rest of the flavor needs to be left to the students to choose.”


“Pay attention to control the time, crisp, I have smelled a little burnt smell.”


Half an hour later, Hogwarts Kitchen .

Elena 西安耍耍网 walked through the milky kitchen aisle, her eyes quickly swept across the workbench after another, and the reminder in her mouth did not stop for almost a moment.

And at the door of the kitchen, three heads Lu Wei was also obediently lying on the floor, happily eating the raw beef provided by the industrious little elves, and yelling happily in response to Elena’s voice.

Finished a breakfast for one and ten people alone . , And instructed and supervised hundreds of house elves to successfully complete the cooking for nearly a thousand teachers and students. It was almost two-dimensional difficulty, which made Elena suddenly think of Professor Snape.

Fortunately, housekeeping The learning attitude and execution ability of the elves are quite excellent.

In fact, in addition to the cheese jam toast, Elena has optimized most of the breakfast to varying degrees, 西安夜网论坛 and it only took less than half an hour. , Completely impressed the elves in the entire kitchen.

Elena only demonstrated and explained twice, all the elves were able to achieve more than 90% completion, and the rest was just a few details. The question, just a few words, they can even do better

than Elena. After all, they spend almost half of the time in the Hogwarts kitchen compared to the white-haired dumplings who cook occasionally .


and strong in an understatement.

“Fred, think about it. Don’t talk back, mother.” George whispered.

“George, are you the devil?!” Fred’s face changed and he became quiet for an instant.

The women 西安夜网论坛 in this world are so terrible, whether it’s mother or Ginny, Or maybe the ones outside are all moving fire-breathing dragons, the kind that will eat people if they offend a little bit.

“Let’s count the loss of the orchard first, professor, this is the result of our rough sorting.”

The Ravenclaw female prefect glanced at George Weasley’s small movements and the quiet cat Weasley twin brothers. , The corner of his mouth turned slightly, and he lowered his head and looked at the parchment paper in his hand.

“Although all the calculations of the loss of fruits have not been completed, from the current situation, the orange trees planted in the outermost layer have almost all been destroyed. There are five apple trees broken, six peach trees, and half of the watermelon field destroyed. Although the vineyard has not been 新西安夜网 directly affected, the shelf is still down by a quarter.”

“On this point, we will help rebuild the orchard. “Percy Weasley swallowed and took the initiative to stand up and said, “Isn’t there still time? It really doesn’t work, we can pay you potatoes”

“Only two days, the planting cycle of the Ravenclaw vegetable garden It’s very short, we must make up for all the losses as soon as possible. According to the current situation, this batch of harvested fruits and vegetables can only last the night after tomorrow.”

Ravenclaw’s female prefect shook her head, hands on hips, Looking at Percy with a serious face, said.

“Weasley, I doubt you understand, what are we talking about. This land needs to be rebuilt and needs maintenance. These are not compensation, these It’s something that must be done. One more thing, 西安夜生活网 we don’t want potatoes, we want our fruit garden to come back.”

Seeing the expression of the Ravenclaw girl prefect, Percy Weasley shrank subconsciously. Just like the


e accident that happened outside the window. A

simple sentence after the whole class study, this one The witch, who was no longer young, almost rushed down the stairs with a rampage gesture and appeared at the gate of the castle, just to see the scene where the two finally fell into the grass.

“Elena, what are you doing?!”

Before Professor McGonagall could organize the language, Grindelwald, who followed her quickly, walked up quickly, his eyes hovering back and forth on Elena nervously, his voice hurried and stern.

“Are you injured? Is there anything on you? Where

does it hurt ? You are a first-year student, is this when you should be able to do it?!” “Well, it’s all over. It doesn’t 西安夜生活论坛 matter, you know I’m very good at healing magic.”

Elena Hurrying with his hands behind him, the little Dumao on his head bounced briskly twice. While replied nonchalantly, he kicked the flying broomstick that was broken in two while kicking his feet, and changed the subject.

“It’s just that this broomstick probably I can’t fix it. In fact, I suggest that the school can purchase a new batch of broomsticks. We should not be short of funds for purchasing teaching supplies at Hogwarts?”

She turned her face to look at the latter half of the sentence. Dumbledore behind Grindelwald.

This time, except for a little panting, the white-haired old wizard seemed to be in good spirits overall.

At least unlike the previous few times, he always pressed his chest with pain. Of course, the other reason 西安桑拿网 is also because her injury this time is not considered important. After proper exercise, Dumbledore’s physical fitness is much healthier than before.

“Broom? What happened to the broom?”

With the girl’s voice , The professors who arrived one after another turned their eyes to the grass

beside Elena’s feet. They saw a shabby broom with a slightly twisted handle broken into two, lying quietly on the lawn, from the crack covered with wood stubble Judging from it, it seems that it has gone through a relatively pain


chaotic and dirty, it has never been so lifeless. As Lorenzo went deeper, he couldn’t see other people until a mouse flashed 西安夜生活网 in front of his eyes.

Rats can be. It’s too common, but there are not many rats with chains tied to their tails, and they are still the yellow police chains that Lorenzo has seen.

He looked around, as if trying to find the guy who secretly manipulated everything, but he found nothing. And the mouse almost disappeared from sight. Zheng

Lorenzo didn’t even think about it, and followed him. Judging from his previous pursuit in the rat nest, the warning yellow is the location, and the mysterious rat king wants to let himself Go somewhere. It

may be a trap, or it may be a clue. Lorenzo doesn’t care about this anymore. His clothes are full of weapons. At this moment, the detective is fully armed.

rats finally led Lorenzo to a twisted building. Like other houses in the Xiacheng District, this is a properly 西安夜生活论坛 dilapidated house. The door is open and the inside is dark. Lorenzo walked in and found that it was basically a vacant house. Apart from the disgusting smell, there was nothing in it.

I’m really more and more curious about who you are.

Lorenzo looked at the vacant house, paused for a while, and suddenly thought of something.He went to the corner, threw the jackknife, and slammed it into the ground forcefully, the sharp knife head easily Through the hidden chatting wooden cover.

Just as Lorenzo did when Lorenzo went to the Rat’s Nest for the first time, the Rat King seemed to have expected all Lorenzo’s actions, and the prompts were just right.

cut open the hidden wooden cover forcefully, and the dark hole appeared in front of Lorenzo’s eyes.


n’t he sniff the stench, Lorenzo knew very well where the hole led, But for the truth of all this he had to set off again. He

jumped down, and there was a fragile voice in the darkness. The mouse was waiting for Lorenzo, and seeing Lorenzo come down, it started again. Guide Lorenzo to move forward in this complicated


would do at night.

Lorenzo sat upright and listened carefully to his Narration.

According to your family’s economic situation, discounts on market food, the tastes of your family, etc., there is a certain possibility that things that are not known can be specifically guessed. But

this is not accurate enough, it just exists It’s only in theory. Lorenzo said.

So this is just a calculation, not a prediction. It is an inaccurate calculation, but it is worthy of reference. Intelligence dealers answer.

This is what we have been doing, collecting a lot of detailed information, when When necessary, we will conduct investigations from this huge information database, and then

weave a story that approximates the truth. Lorenzo slowly said. The

intelligence dealer 西安夜生活第一论坛网 answered yes, yes.

We can calculate one from all angles . Reasonable stories are at least reasonable within a certain range, but Shrike is different.His story is very special and unreasonable, or what he is hiding, which is enough to be vigilant and fearful.

Lorenzo did not speak for a while. , He thought about this carefully, and said again after a few seconds of silence.

What you said is feasible in theory, but in practice 西安耍耍网 it may be extremely difficult, or even impossible.

anything else, the huge information storage and retrieval alone is a huge problem, even if it is to eliminate the organs. That kind of execution ability, but what if they can really do it?

What did Lorenzo think of, he asked, that is to say, just like rumors, somewhere in this underground, there is really an archive built by 新西安夜网 your bad rats? Is it full of people’s gossip?

The intelligence dealer did not directly answer this question, but talked about something else. For

deeper secrets, you can actually ask the Rat King, I’m just an intelligence dealer.

Lorenzo’s pupils are shrinking, and this sentence has too much meaning. .

that Mouse King is really exist?

if not? Without his instructions, do you think I would tell you so much? 西安桑拿网 The intelligence de


e no purchasing power, except for the upper-class nobles, so he will hold regular dances, although It’s called a prom, but it’s actually a trade fair, with one hand paying the money and delivery.

Listening to Lorenzo’s words, Eve’s heart is slightly calmer.

The threshold for participating in this prom is very high, and I also asked 西安夜生活网 talents to get it. Tickets.

That coin?

Eve was very impressed with the coin. This is the center of a country, but there is a currency in circulation that has never been seen before. Eve has to be wary.

Yes, they usually call this butcher coin, and it is the owner of the city. Bird casting. There is a pattern of a shrike on it.

Lorenzo explains the complexity of the Lower City for Eve.

Where there are people, there will be rules and classes, even in the chaotic and dirty Lower City.

What you need to do to rule a region is to unify the currency. Now everyone knows that coins and banknotes printed with lions are hard currency in the world, and coins with shrike in Xiacheng are the mainstream, and every butcher coin can be directly In the black market, you can exchange it for any currency.


You can understand that the entire Xiacheng District is a huge In the casino, the butcher coin in your hand is your bargaining chip.

Lorenzo took out a few more and gave it to Eve, starting with a heavy hand, not knowing what precious metal was used for casting.

Sabo is very cautious. His business is very profitable. Everyone wants to replace him. Usually he hides in the heavily guarded bunker, but this time he will at the ball, that’s the only thing we have direct contact to his chances.

he will not let people know the location of the ball, there will be those nobles postman messenger every time you have the ball, to inform the station site, and then travel around midnight.

Luo As Renzo said, he put on a mask for himself. It was a brass mask with scattered gears inlaid on the edge for decoration.


So don’t we know where we will go?

Eve also put on a mask with fea


cool the boiling and burning steel plate.

Several scientific researchers stood calmly and stood on the molten debris. On the side is a serious record of the value. The

dragon-breath-style armored fire blast, because 西安耍耍网 of its excessive power, can be used to explode, and finally made a disposable consumable. The purpose of the current experiment is to optimize the material and reduce the cost. After all, This weapon is really used to lose a hand, and there is no need to change the bomb.

Tesla said on the side that the ideas of these researchers are so peculiar. Instead of thinking about ensuring that it will not blow up, it is better to make it a consumable. Tesla also took a 西安夜网论坛 look at Joey.

That thing is for the original sin armor. You can’t use it, so you should pick some other souvenirs.

Tesla took a few people all the way through the long corridor, during this period After passing several experimental sites in succession, the explosion caused the entire corridor to tremble slightly.

Kestrel’s expression was very subtle, and he knew very well that if the pillar of the furnace was described as an inverted tree, the mechanical courtyard was located at the root of the tree, and forever The moving pump is located in the trunk of the tree.

Finally, Tesla took you to a large experimental site, the interior was completely covered by sophisticated steel plates, and the entire site was circular, looking upwards You will find that this place is like a huge deep well, which runs through to the dome overhead.

Above the dome, the array of lights provides illumination for the entire experimental field, like a day in the sky.

Along the edge of the well, there are several large The lifting platform slowly rises and falls with the output of the motor, and there are huge gates on the edge of the shaft wall. The steel guide rail extends from it across the deep shaft. On it is suspended an illegible machine. They pass by everyone. Over the head, follow the guide rail and sink into the gate at the other en


s Eve, and he wants to get his lucky coin back. The


hallucinations interfered with Lorenzo, he could not keep up with Sabo for a while, and the girl just watched Sabo’s arrival, and then raised her hand. It’s a revolver

called the death knell. In Eve’s eyes, the world is the same twisted, but that doesn’t mean she will sit and wait

for death . I pulled the trigger, but the death knell did not ring as expected. .

Eve was shocked a little 西安耍耍网bit and then suddenly understood everything, she really wanted to Lorenzo cursed loudly, this one really is the personal slag, from the beginning it was only the revolver with five bullets, as was in Phoenix He is like a ladder in the manor, and he uses human common sense.

This is why he is full of confidence, because the bastard knew from the beginning that there were no bullets in the bullet nest, what shit gamblers,西安夜生活网 all of this was his deception.

Sharp The stabbing sword arrived in a blink of an eye, the sharp sword with Xiaofeng gently brushed Eve’s cheek, the goddess of luck did not favor anyone, and now Sabo’s attack failed due to blood loss and hallucinations, and then the sharp sword penetrated His body, bursting out from behind him, was like a spear that was put to death, nailing Sabo to the ground.

Eve! 西安夜生活论坛 Don’t be shocked!

Lorenzo doesn’t seem to want to explain himself. A terrible deception, but yelled.

Eveben didn’t know Lorenzo’s actions, but then she heard the voice from all directions.

was a flustered step, stepping on the stone bricks and making a dull sound, and the low whispers accompanied by the groans of the heavens filled the ears.

Looking at the fallen crowd under the high platform, 西安桑拿网 they stood strangely. When they got up, they twisted up in a way that humans could never do, their eyes were all white, and they slowly paced in them like walking corpses.

Is it an illusion?

Eve’s strong heart almost collapsed. Under the effect of the hallucinogen, she has gradually lost the distinction between illusion and reality.

I don’t


Then why don’t you continue?

It is inevitable to have three knives and six holes to do this too bad character.

Lorenzo looks noble, but the actual answer is that the earl spent three months on psychotherapy. After all, he suddenly stood naked in the crowd. Nobody’s spirit can withstand this shock. The first thing he did after he recovered was to buy Lorenzo’s life. For this reason, Lorenzo hid in Shríuna for nearly a 新西安夜网 month.

Atmosphere under Lorenzo’s bullshit Active a lot, and the damp coldness recedes a bit.

Is there any place there?

Pointing to Eve’s skirt, Lorenzo said suddenly, unaware of his own irrationality.

What are you doing?

Eve’s cheeks blushed. This detective is really crazy. You never know what he will do in the next second.

I saw Lorenzo did not 西安桑拿网 know where he took out a silver-white revolver, which was portrayed on the bullet nest. It’s a ghost, heavy, filled with ammunition.

I need you to hide it for me. Although Sabo is a rude Viking, he has learned some etiquette under the influence of the old Dunling culture. Join him At the dance party, he will thoroughly search the man, even if the blade is caught in the ass, it is useless, but he will not be disrespectful to the lady. 西安夜生活网

Give the revolver to Eve, and Lorenzo will stand by her side. After tidying up his clothes, the next step is the main event. He needs to be more serious.

Eve didn’t understand, but he still tied the revolver to the ribbon very obediently. There are no white thighs, and the long skirt is tight. As long as Eve needs it, she can just tear off her long skirt and enter the battle.

Eve has never been an ordinary noble girl with a 西安夜生活论坛 dagger and a gun. As a child of the Phoenix family, other nobles contain gold The spoon was born, then Eve was born with a bullet. The

Phoenix family is a phoenix that rose from the ruins of the Glorious War. Even the princess of the phoenix, Eve is still stained with the pungent sulfur smell, which is inscribed on The mark in the blood.

Time is up.

Lorenzo suddenly 西安夜网论坛