antom of a black war horse gradually formed above the knights. The phantom of this black war horse was extremely tall, directly breaking through the sea of ??trees, and rushing in with the construction knights. On the battlefield, the spiderman warriors seemed to be frightened for a while. Although they took a defensive posture in time, the sharp knight’s long spear had already pierced into the spiderman warrior’s body.

The battle took only a short period of time from the beginning to the end, and almost all the spider warriors in the camp were wiped out.

The knight retinues caught up, and only had time to collect some of the trophies left on the battlefield. At this time,西安夜生活论坛 a group of indigenous warriors ran out from behind the barbarian slaves. They quickly collected those giant crossbow arrows on the battlefield, and as long as the spiderman warriors were killed If the crossbow arrows are shot to death, these indigenous warriors will cut off their heads without hesitation and pick up the weapons around them.

After I issued the merit redemption list, 西安桑拿网 even the barbarian slaves began to realize the importance of spoils.

In the end, the indigenous people who cleaned the battlefield would still bury the corpses of the spider warriors under the trees. The fabric knights of the Northern Wind Legion still adhere to the previous fighting habits. They don’t like to keep alive on the battlefield. It is the wounded spider warriors, even if they cannot pose any threat to them, they will be beheaded by these knights.

Barbarian slaves and native warriors don’t have this habit, while Orc warriors like to capture some spiderman warriors, gather them together, take out a slave contract scroll on the spot, and try to capture them one by one. Sign a slave contract, once the spider warrior refuses, someone will chop off its head.

Orc warriors are also very irritable. Once 新西安夜网the spiderman warrior captives refuse, they will kill a few sacrifices without asking, and then knock the spiderman warrior captives on


by the great witches in the tribe, and the healing effect is excellent.

When barbarian slaves were marching quickly, they did not want to wear heavy black iron boots. Sometimes they would prefer to walk barefoot in the muddy woodland. This way, the easiest way to walk is, their feet are soaked in the mud for a long time. It was easy to fester, and it was the miraculous ointments of the natives that allowed the barbarian slaves to avoid the pain of rotten feet.

Moreover, the indigenous warriors who have lived in the Black Forest for generations have an innate sense of smell for the magic herbs in the forest. To them, collecting magic herbs is as simple as digging 西安夜生活论坛 an ordinary wild vegetable, if not because of these Aboriginal warriors carry hatred on their backs, and they may have their own happiness.

The spider army retreated very thoroughly. Our troops chased into the southern area of ??the Black Forest, but still did not find a trace of the spider army.

After entering the southern area of ??the Black Forest, we have never met survivors of the indigenous tribes. It seems that all the indigenous people that can be found have been made into food by giant spiders. Unexpectedly, within a few months, the southern area of ??the Black Forest was actually eroded into Like this.

After the second supply, Earl Desmond approached me and told me how important this supply was to the Constructed Knights.

At the same time, he also indicated to me that during the march, the most 新西安夜网 considerate supplements for the constructers were not fresh butter and white bread, nor delicious fried steak, not those fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits, but those brand new The pure cotton boxer briefs and shirts, it is these intimate clothing that ensure the decency of the knights.

Not used in the cool and dry north, the black forest on the plane of Yero is sultry and rainy in summer.

Constructed knights will inevitably sweat and smell sour during the march. This is of course not a big deal to construct knights, but the


ssbow arrow. After nailing it to the trunk beside it, it flees from its original position quickly in fright. Its huge body moves on the canopy, and some branches and leaves fall.

But no matter how it escapes, a gap will 西安夜生活论坛 be exposed in those canopies, allowing us to clearly know where the giant spider is hiding.

After the second round of shooting, a crossbow arrow finally penetrated the body of the giant spider and nailed it to the tree.

In this way, we killed giant spiders one by one in the Black Forest in the Trom area.

These giant spiders are scattered in the forest and come out to forage. They wrap the catch in a white silk cocoon, and then inject a very corrosive solution into the silk cocoon to turn the material into a bubble of nutrient solution. , And then returned to the 新西安夜网 spider camp with this silk cocoon.

Occasionally we will meet the spider-man scout squad. Usually we will take a shortcut in advance to ambush them in front of these spider-man scouts. I originally thought that there are no spider-man 西安夜生活网 scouts in this forest, but now it seems that my thinking is very wrong. Yes, we usually don’t see these spider-man scouts. The main reason is that the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 dense woods obstruct our vision.

Now with the help of the ancient war tree, these spiderman warriors have nowhere to hide in the forest. After several communications and use spider legs as a threat, these barbarian slaves finally know how to catch some living spiderman warriors and giant spiders. Up.

The days of hunting in the plane of Yero were undoubtedly very happy. The seven days passed quickly. When we returned to the imperial capital, we returned to the outside of Tanton City and saw Tanton City from a distance. Catalina and Kalantuo were in a stone forest area, opened the portal and returned to Xinliu Valley, while the tauren Luka and Justus continued to stay in Tanton City, continued to join some adventure groups, and inquired about the spider camp. .

In this capture operation, we caught more than 30 giant 西安夜网论坛 spiders. After all


Ivan via radio.

“I am the same here. I don’t have anything to prove my identity.” Big Ivan pointed to the cargo bucket. “But there are a lot of supplies there. There is a full half-carriage of self-heating food and dehydrated vegetables, even 西安夜网论坛 beer. A few boxes.”

“Don’t you also bring a dozen boxes of beer and vodka?” Nanjing Longfeng disappointedly closed the door of a pickup truck with four wheels and drive shafts removed. There was also no valuable discovery in it.

“Don’t look for it. Anyway, we have enough prisoners to ask what we want to know.” Big Iwan urged, turning to the dormitory car. The corpses here were sifted into 西安夜生活网 the sieve like pickups, and he didn’t want to search for loot among these broken corpses that were most likely to carry HIV.

“That said, go back earlier.” Nanjing Longfeng took off the two layers of rubber gloves and the outermost cotton gloves and threw them into the air, letting the strong wind blow them further.

With the help of He Tianlei and others, the Tuareg people found out as many locators as possible in the 新西安夜网 bodies of the two Unimogs, and drove the car back happily.

The results of this ambush can be described as happy, for the club, it is easy to eliminate potential safety hazards naturally. For the Tuaregs headed by Bass, it is definitely a surprise that two unharmed Unimog trucks can be brought back with just the exchange of fire.

And don’t forget, they found one on the way when they came. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 After the event, even if these three cars are sold, they might be able to easily exchange for more than a dozen cars that are not so good in performance but more cost-effective. Pickup truck!

This little thing may be really nothing to Nanjing Longfeng and others, but for the Tuareg people who escaped from the war and restarted their lives, it is a wealth that can make the life of tribal people upside down. .

After the He Tianlei salted fish brothers buried anti-infantry directional mines and anti-tank mines near the corpses and pickup wreckage they left behind. Th


so I turned to the square in front of the castle. At this time, Cruz positive to the side, he saw me come out from behind 西安夜网论坛 the garden, they complained: “?. Kerry, almost ready for dinner, where have you been I’m going to find you,”

I will hand The remaining half loaf of brown bread was lifted and walked back with Kurz on his shoulders: ”

I’m a little hungry. The time to take a bread from the restaurant, you are gone.” Kurz removed my hand. , Said a little embarrassed: “Hey, this was seen by my 新西安夜网 grandma, and I have 西安桑拿网 to nag me for a long time.”

He glanced at the maid behind him with a vain look, until the first day Kuz returned home, as long as Kuz was in the castle, she always followed Kuz, she couldn’t help saying that she was a well-looking wolf clan beast girl. The place that should be big is big, and the place that is changed is soft and thin. However, with a poker face all day, it is very boring, far inferior to the enthusiastic Gril.

On the right side of the castle square is a martial arts field rammed with loess, with some stone piers and stone mills on the edge. When you get up in the morning, you can still see young orcs practicing on the martial arts field. During the day, there are almost no people here. Unexpectedly, before dinner, there was a circle of people here, and Kurz and I also leaned over 西安夜生活论坛 to watch the fun. I got into 西安耍耍网 the crowd and squeezed to the front, only to see Chief Kurt standing in the center of the martial arts field. He was wearing only chain armor and trousers, with his naked torso showing strong bronze muscles, and the young werewolf rushing up from his side. Kicked away, causing applause all around.

I feel that Kurt is standing there like a fierce wolf who chooses people to eat. As long as he is swept by his murderous eyes, I feel a little chill from the bones, and the soul trembles like a little. , This is just the feeling it brings me. The danger he brought to me was far greater than that of the White Wolf Warrior Maka who had encountered in the wasteland. Riro


as lords, and they owned a large area of ??land outside of Gludin 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Town. Only the barren Death Swamp generation was not assigned to these new lords. They heard there The beast disaster has become barren. But at the moment there is another son of Chief Kurad who has not been promoted. It is the Kuz who has traveled for many years. These beast girls follow Kuz, and he will die. The new lord of the swamp.”

126. Kurz is actually the lord

. The star map in the night sky is constantly changing over time. Those bright nebulae are shining with dazzling light, and there is no black cloud under the night. The damp and cold wind blew through, filling this empty wilderness with coldness and silence. On the Northern Foot Wilderness, you can still hear the chirping of the little beasts at night, but in this western wilderness, the surrounding is dead and silent. I am afraid that the last wild mice were all captured by the hungry orcs.

I have added water to the iron pot several times, and the scrolls of fire-gathering technique are still burning under the iron pot. As for the wise Meyana of Gluding Town, he began to tell us about the current situation of Gluding Town and the Blood Wolf tribe. We were stunned to hear.

Kuz’s father, Kurad, was injured in 新西安夜网 the battle with the Gray Dwarf Bandit Group last year. He has not been healed since returning to the town of Gludin. It is said that he was pierced in the right rib by a long sword with a dragon poisonous salivation. His venom invaded the internal organs and was escorted to the Daxue Mountain for treatment in the early spring. Before leaving, he asked his eldest son, Kurt, to temporarily take the post of chief chief.

The situation was extremely dangerous at the time. If Kulebaoluos hadn’t left two great purification scrolls before going to the Snow Mountain, the blood wolf clan chieftain Kullard might not even have the chance to go to the Snow Mountain to heal his injuries. Now it is said that the poisonous wounds have stabilized, but for unknown reasons, C


wet blond hair on his casual handsome head jerked himself. Leap, escaped a trench more than four meters wide, and stood on the dirt wall.

Afterwards, the Gubolai horses also crossed the trench and saw Guoguo sister again, and found that her magical power was almost exhausted, but all members of the wind chaser team were in good mental condition, although they all received some 新西安夜网 minor injuries, but It’s not serious. Almost everyone has a large bulging pocket on their horseback, which is full of chubby things and emits a stench.

Viru got off his horse and saw that Kurz and I were safe, with approving gazes in his eyes. He couldn’t walk to Kurz, hung a pot of feather arrows on his back, and quickly turned around. Standing on the dirt wall, he came and fired a scorching bow at the ten or so swamp corpse kings that had caught up outside the wall and shot wind spikes in turn.

The more than a dozen swamp corpse kings who lost their minds and rushed out of the corpse angrily hit arrows in their heads. The sharp arrows have powerful bursting power, and those wind spiked arrows easily penetrated the hard bones of the swamp corpse king. , They shot these dozens of corpse kings down one after another. After these rough-skinned swamp corpse kings got arrows 西安耍耍网 in their heads, they still stood up from the ground like dragons and tigers. At this time, their only elementary wisdom took effect. , They returned to the group of corpses in fear.

The tide of corpses outside the camp approached the camp again.

“Viru and I have been worrying about whether you two boys can cope with the death sickle attack, and rushed back as soon as possible, but it seems that you two boys handled it very well!” Jangbach was so wet and still unable to Covering up the stench, wearing heavy armor, making noises when walking.

Sister Guoguo held up a huge ball of water with one hand , and the ball of water floated on top of Jangbach’s head and burst open, and poured it on Jangbach’s body. More than a ton of water completely washed J


e same for two hours a day.

But Gan Hong feels that her body can be eaten even though she is very tired now, but it is actually much easier than when she was training 西安夜生活网 in the school.

The special classes in the school have not only a high elimination rate, but also a low mortality rate.

And the extent of this kind of rehabilitation training is just this level,

“it’s almost the same, it should be hydrated.”


Gan Hong suddenly raised his head and saw Luo Qiu walking towards him with a splash of water.

Gan Hong was stunned and said: “Master Qiu”

“Drink some water first, you sweat 西安夜生活论坛 too much.” Luo Qiu unscrewed the cover of the cock and sent it to Gan Hong.

Luo Qiu did this, Gan Hong has no reason to refuse, “Thank you, Master Qiu.”

Luo Qiu shook his head and said, “When you were in the cold house, didn’t you pour me water many times? It’s nothing.”

“It’s different.” Gan Hong shook his head, “I was given to you by my father . It is nothing to do little things.”

Luo Qiu smiled and asked, “Doctor. How do you say it?”

Gan 新西安夜网 Hong said : “As long as you do more training, you will basically be able to recover completely. It will have little effect on your future athletic ability, but the flexibility may be a little worse.” When

talking about flexibility, Gan Hong’s face has Some sadly thought that before she was injured, her body’s flexibility should be very good.


“By the way, is this where you were injured?” Luo Qiu suddenly reached out and pressed Gan Hong’s back, with very light intensity, as if touching.

“No, go down a bit.” Gan Hong shook his head.

If you go further down, you will reach the position of the tail keel, which is almost the position of the hip.

Luo Qiu didn’t touch it this time, but just glanced sideways, “This position, that thing can really hit.”

Gan Hong shook his head and smiled 西安桑拿网 bitterly: “In that case, it would be lucky to be able to save his life, at least I. There is also a chance to stand up and walk.”

Luo Qiu nodded and said, “Optimism is a good


Going inside and said, “It’s not bad to take this opportunity to get out of the revenge organization, and if even my former colleagues can’t deceive me, how can I deceive Miriam?”

“Can’t let it go?” Nanjing 新西安夜网 Longfeng pressed down. sound.

“After all, many people died because of her betrayal.” Issachar sighed heavily, then strode past Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix and the others, and went straight to the stairs leading to the cabin.

Nanjing Longfeng and others came to the medical room with all the harvest. Zhang Chuqing, who had been on the ship, had been waiting for a long time. 西安夜网论坛

“Which one to start?” Big Ivan asked, turning his head.

“You come first” Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix arched their hands.

“Then I’m not welcome.”

Big Ivan grinned, then took out bamboo tubes wrapped in asphalt and placed them in the X-ray machine’s shooting area.

“I never thought you geniuses would use a medical X-ray machine to do this kind of thing” in the operating room, Zhang Chuqing murmured angrily.西安夜生活论坛 After urging everyone to leave, he immediately turned on the X-ray scan.

Soon after, Nanjing Longfeng and others gathered around, trying 西安夜生活网to distinguish the contents of the bamboo tube in the X-ray film.

“Undoubtedly, this must be a telescope.” Before Tai Iwan’s words fell, he reached out and picked up the corresponding bamboo tube, and roughly pried it open with the saber in his hand.

“As long as you are seen by an archaeologist, even if you are not beaten to death, you can definitely stay in bed for half a month.”

“So for my safety, don’t let the archaeologists join the club.” Big Ivan responded to Nanjing Longfeng’s ridicule with a smile on his face. At the same time, his hands didn’t stop at all, and he took out a copper tube from the split bamboo tube. Spotting telescope.

In addition 西安夜生活第一论坛网 to the telescope in this split bamboo tube, at one end there is a ten-centimeter long, tightly jammed linen bag. In the gap between this small bag and the end of the bamboo tube, there are also ten pieces still shining gol


et covered the outline of the car.

The medical vehicle was a bit crowded because the bodies on both sides were not unfolded. Big Ivan was finally willing to make a long story short, “According to the train schedule I found, there are three freight trains passing by the railway line behind me every night but they don’t stop. The times are At 10:30, 1:50, and 4:05 in the evening, ten minutes before and after these three time points, we must be careful not to be caught.”

“What about during the day?” Nanjing Longfeng asked.

“At eight o’clock in the morning, a passenger train stopped at a railway station two kilometers away for about ten minutes. At six o’clock in the afternoon, there was also a passenger train, but the parking time was half an hour.” Big Ivan said to the information recorded in his 新西安夜网 notebook. .

Make sure everyone remembers the time and set the alarm clock on their mobile phones. Nanjing Longfeng said, “It’s less than an hour before half past ten. Everyone should take a short break. After the freight train has passed, we will Find a way out on the wasteland and try to drive the two cars to the edge of the forest opposite the wasteland before dawn.”

“The map 西安夜网论坛 shows that the area of ??this wasteland is not small, it is 400 meters wide,” said the salted fish, licking the teeth.

“This 400 meters shouldn’t be too much trouble,” Big Ivan pointed out the window and said, “This looks a lot like an abandoned logging camp. When I just drove over, I seemed to see piles of logs.”

“It seems the earliest. It should not be the digger who found explosives here, but the lumberjacks.” Nanjing Longfeng clapped his hands and ended the topic, “Leizi, you and Ono can go to rest, we rough men are here. ”

Thank you boss!”

Liu Xiaoye said happily. This medical vehicle is now used by Xianyu and Assak, but before that, she and Elena lived in this vehicle for a long time. Time.

Just an hour later, amidst a quake of “besides”, a freight train sounded its air horn from afar, and with 西安夜生活网 more than fif