to work in the city hall?” “It

a dress, I didn’t wear a waistcoat, not even your favorite bra.” Cole looked at the clothes piled up on the bed. “Isn’t this trip going to visit the nobles, attend a dinner or something?” “Observation has improved, but there are some things you don’t need to say.” Edith glanced sideways at him. The latter shrank suddenly, “You taught me this.” “Then I will teach you one more thing. When facing a lady, you must always be elegant and carefully consider your words. Do you understand?” “But you are my sister” “If not, you will have suffered.” Cole shivered. “I, I know.” “Very well,” Edith shrugged. “How does it feel to work in the city hall?” “It’s okay. As you said, I didn’t reveal the identity of the nobility. I usually just write and record, and there is no difficulty. “It’s just that I don’t understand” the younger brother hesitated, “Why don’t you put me in your department? Since the last time he watched the artillery drill, Cole. Kant finally gave up the idea of ??returning to Evernight City, and the two also moved from the diplomatic building to a spacious residence near the castle, and became official residents of Neverwinter City. As a traditionally educated nobleman, it is not difficult to find a book job in the city hall. Together with the nearly 100 scholars and attendants transferred from her father from the north, she now has her own staff in the city hall. . Although these people will not stay here forever, His Majesty will never refuse the people of insight who are constantly sent by the North to learn the new system. She knows how much the young king is eager for talents, and is willing to provide management for him. Of those, there is still only one place in the north. As long as she keeps changing, she will always be able to occupy a foothold in Your Majesty’s new government. “Because it’s unnecessary and it’s easy to make mistakes,” Edith smiled slightly, “Master Manager usually stares at me. If you are transferred and let him find your problem, whether I help or not, he will fall into Passive. T