way to do it, but since even Isabella is

hey can naturally be recruited as followers. Unfortunately, I don’t know the true situation of his parents. Those are all nonsense that I just said. “She shrugged indifferently. “Once he finds that these are lies, it is obviously not good for the church.” Believe me, I do my best for the church. “If you are wholehearted, you should stay in the tent and wait for the order. Mayne turned his head impatiently. “The offense is about to begin. You should prepare now. According to the plan, the wolf king and the clear water queen–” “must die, my lord ,” The Purity laughed, “If it’s just me, there may be no way to do it, but since even Isabella is here, they will never get out of the wolf’s heart. “******************* Woo———————— Woo——————— The offensive horn rolls across the sky, in the dark clouds and rustling autumn wind on top The second siege war kicked off. Two miles away, the bracket used by the siege beast to launch the iron spear burst out with magical light. When the light was as bright as the sun, the iron spear seemed to be giant Human hands were generally throwing, and an ear-piercing roar erupted in an instant, ejected at a speed hard to discern with the naked eye, and flew straight toward the city wall. Across such a long distance, its power is undiminished, and the city wall made of snowstones can’t stop a single bit-it easily smashes the stone blocking the road into dust, and even the militia squatting behind the wall is also affected. . After only three rounds of shooting, the city gate was completely shattered, and the nearby walls were also broken. Although the launch speed of the siege equipment from the devil is equivalent to that of the stone thrower, the range is several times longer. Under such an offensive, the garrison is unable to fight back. Since they can’t see the launch trajectory, they don’t even know the next attack. Where will it fall. Before the church army has acted, the outer line of defense is already in danger. At this moment, a loud noise suddenly came from behin